The Hacking of Credit Card or Debit Card and their Remedies


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Often we hear that the credit or debit card has been hacked. The money has been withdrawn from account etc. SO many people can understand and so many people cannot understand. Cyber criminals are enjoying by stealing your earned money from your savings.
During the past, the reign of the cybercrime is huge in the developed countries. But, in the present days, developed countries are very conscious to restrict the cybercrime. So, they enforce to their network security and make a law and execute it in a correct way.

As a result, the condition of small cyber criminals has worsened. Their useable equipment has misdeed. Moreover, they have no money. So, as a result, they are trying to create a base in the developing countries. They are also engaging some local criminals along with them. So many criminals are selling their useable equipment to the local criminals. As a result, crime is increasing day by day.

Let’s have a look about how do the criminals steal information from credit card or debit card?

credit card hacking devices

Scramming Process: It steals the conserved data on the card.

Cloning Process: It makes the same card through device.

We use just like the two types of credit or debit card. For example:


In this case, the black or brown coloured magnetic strip is settled on the back of your credit or debit card in which all of your information is recorded on it.

Micro Chip:

In this case, there is a microchip which is settled on the back of the credit card or debit card just like your SIM card. The any information about the user is stored in this chip.

Let’s have a look the process of the hacking:

Scrim device is used to get the information from the card. There are different types of scrim device. After watching the scrim device you may think that it may be the one type of design or an additional cover. Just like the cover which I use for the smart phone.

debit or credit card hacked

When you punch your card in any punching machine or any covered booth, then all of your information is recorded into the scrim device.

And for conserving the password a small camera is installed and by watching the video they identify the password of the victims.

Key-logger is used for conserving the password. So, you understand that your bank a/c and savings are in the risk. What to do now? What is the solution?

credit card hacked

What you will do?  

  • Before withdrawing your money, you must watch that is the insert card system box is loose or quite different? Is it quite unusual or has it been fitted with something? If you need, then you may swipe your card lightly.
  • PIN code which you type on the keyboard to see whether it is loosening or not.
  • Please cover it with the other hand, when you will type the PIN code on the keyboard.

Do not think yourself just like a Brave Person by giving your debit card to someone in Restaurant or shopping or somewhere. Please pay the bill in a little trouble at the front of the counter. Do not believe whatever the restaurant is renowned or acquainted.


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