Fake memory card tester, check your memory card, original or fake

Do you know, how to check a memory card, original or fake? Now you can check your memory card or pen-drive or flash drive original or fake with “Fake memory card tester“.

Fake Memory Card Tester

fake memory card tester

How to check a memory card or pen-drive, original or fake?

There are many china fake memory cards or pen-drive in the market. These pen-drives or memory cards show a lot of space, but it is fake. It never shows the original space or original capacity. If you want to check the original space your pen-drive, then you have to download “H2testw” – (Size only: 180 KB). No extra configuration requires. Just download and install it on your PC.

How to test a fake memory card or pen-drive?

After installing, run this software.

Now select the pen-drive or memory card by clicking on “Select target” button.


And now click on “Write+Verify” button for starting the test and wait until the completion.

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