How do You Find Your Stolen Laptop


If your laptop has stolen, then you think about your information which are stored in your hard disk and you worry about to hack the password rather than economical loss. Here are some tricks for you guys to get your stolen laptop in return.

Find Stolen Laptop

Stolen Laptop

Keep on the Location Track Program of Laptop:

Who steal your laptop? To know it you have to active the location track program on your laptop. As a result, if the thief actives or operates your laptop in any Wi-Fi zone, then you will receive the news of the location in where your laptop is operating. Besides the specific location of your laptop, the photo of the thief would deliver in your e-mail via your laptop webcam.

Install Laptop Cop Software:   

If you keep installing the Laptop Cop software in your Laptop then you easily catch the activity of the thief. This will show you the screenshot of the various activities of the thief via your e-mail. You catch the thief legally by showing the screenshots.

Keep Safe the Serial and Model Number:  

You must remember in your mind the serial number and model number or write down these at any safe place. This number will help you to find the stolen laptop.

Write Down your name in Hardware:  

Though this trick is not so helpful to return your stolen laptop but you may do this. You write down your name in hardware and for this use any strong password.

Change your Password regularly:  

If you work in social media through your laptop then you will watch that sometimes the browser is logged in. For this you must change your password frequently.

Delete the Password from Inbox:

To keep remember your password you never write your password inbox. This is a lethal fault.

 Data Back Up:

It is a very bad matter of losing laptop. But it is very painful to lost documents, pictures etc. So, please keep back up of your data which are stored in your hard disk. The information do not lost in spite of being losing laptop.

 Thank You