The Disadvantages of cPanel


Webmasters, who spent all of their time for websites after inventing the web, they considered themselves as a web developer. They quarrel among each other on the topic of deciding that does control system or cPanel create any advantage or disadvantage. They quarrel with each other throughout their career. In fact, no matter what they say. In every invention, there are two sights. One sight is the advantage and the other sight is disadvantage or unnecessarily. So, this article is about the advantages-disadvantages and is about the necessary or unnecessary.

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Disadvantages of cPanel


Presenting this whole article in front of you by dividing into two types. Today, in the second episode, I will see you that what are the difficulties and insecurity of C-Panel for web masters?


#1. File Transferring Problems or Problems with File Transferring: It is not that the C-Panel will give advantages in all time. It gave you some advantages at a time, but when you do huge tasks, then you feel the real problems of it. For example: if you want to transfer your commodities from one storeroom to another storeroom and if there is no opportunity to reconstruct the commodities, then again, you have to enter the files into the definite root by clicking one by one.

#2 File Management or the Management of file: Some time, the cPanel does not perform the task as your direction. Suppose, you have slightly changed the file of any root directory but it has not changed as your command which has relation with the changeable file. The font has not changed. The various commands given by you, do not effect on any file of command root. Your data will not work on the root folder permissions. It is also a problem.

#3 The Security of the Server: All servers do not give you the same security. Today, all C-Panels are Graphical User Interface. So, the security of Graphical User Interface is very poor. You can also watch that the password of root server is not encrypted. As a result, if the password of any server ha stolen, then the all files on that server has finished.

There are also some difficulties of cPanel. So do not use cPanel? You must use it. You use cPanel in any server, but before using, you must think about it. Because, you work it for saving he important files.

It is for today. Take Care and Thank You.

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