Don’t Know What to Write? Come on Now You Can


Everyday I face a lot of problems like I don’t know what to write and when to write. Most of the time I think what will be the topic of my next post, but as usual I failed to determine that. I spend a lot of time after searching my next blog post, but the result is zero and my ultimate question always remains with me “I don’t know what to write”?

As a blogger writing blog post regularly is compulsory, because your readers want to know more from you and they always prefer to read the latest update from you. You also know that how important it is to write a blog post in regular interval in your blog. But yet you remain unable to produce latest content.

what to write

But I know that you have the desire to write everyday for your readers, but somehow it doesn’t come true. As a result your blog is not updating regularly and gradually you are losing your readers.

  1. Now what you want to do?
  2. Do you want to see how your readers are going away from you?
  3. Obviously not, right?

Well, Don’t worry. Today I will be sharing how to get ready for your next post and how to get your topic and when you should write. I will tell you to follow the three secret steps which can make you a wonderful blog writer.

I hope after reading this article you don’t have to say I don’t know what to write?

  • 1. Get Ready:

To make good blog post as blogger being ready for writing post is very important. If your starting is not right, you can’t produce good content and your readers won’t find it interesting.

So take a cup of tea or coffee, whatever you like and sit down on the chair. While drinking start telling yourself that you are ready to write an amazing post which is going to get the attraction of your readers.

  • 2. Think for a While:

Before going to write you should think about the topic which you are going to write for your readers. Just spend a few minutes and take a decision that how much you are going to cover on your post.

Don’t think of a lot of topics, just choose one topic and start writing and after a few minutes you will discover that you already have written half of the post. Then go through your writing and keep going.

  • 3. Start Writing in the Morning:

Morning is the best time to do any types of task and when we talk about writing, I think morning will be the best time to do that. In morning your mind remains 100% cool and fresh and this freshness can help you to write such a wonderful post for your blog.

So whenever you will go for writing, I would say you should pick up the morning.

  • Final Words:

I think the most important and toughest task of blogging is writing a blog post. If you can turn the toughest thing into the easiest thing, then I can ensure you that in the near future, you are going the next blogging guru and you never have to say something like I don’t know what to write.

Thank you…

Biswajit Das
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