Website & Hosting Error Codes & the Solutions


We, who is maintaining websites every day – the hosting errors or others website errors are common. Because, we face all these errors every day and we resolve it every day. 100% of newcomers don’t know about it. Maximum time we get error codes like: 403 Forbidden Error, 404 Not Found, 406 Not Acceptable, 500 Internal Server Error etc.

HTTP Status Error Codes

Suppose, a new comer brought a hosting from a reputed company. After a few days, he wanted to get returned the money from this web hosting company. But, do you know that, why he wants to get back his money? You are thinking that, he is not satisfied.  Yes, he is not satisfied. Because, he was getting an error code like this: (403 Forbidden Error, 404 Not Found, 406 Not Acceptable, 500 Internal Server Error) and he was unable to solve the issue due to the unknown error. And he was talking bad comments about this reputed company. For these reasons, I’ll tell you, why the error codes show and the solutions

Error codes of websites and the solutions

website errors

403 Forbidden Error

To build a website, you may get many types of errors and problems. And the “403 Forbidden” is the common error of a website.

403 forbidden error

Reason for showing the 403 Forbidden Error:

There are only two reasons for showing the 403 Forbidden error.

First: Giving wrong permission to a file or folder.

Second: By mistake, use of No Index command in the .hcaccess file.

How to solve 403 Forbidden Error?

First: Login to the cPanel and check the file & folder permission. If any file or folder has the 777 writable permission, then the website shows 403 Forbidden Error to protect this writable file from the hackers. So, you’ve to change the file permission from 777 to 644 and you’ve to change the folder permission from 750 to 755. After doing this, your website would not show the 403 Forbidden Error.

Second: If the file permissions of all files or folders are OK, then check the .htaccess file. If you use the No Index command, then remove it or repair the .htaccess file because it may corrupt.

404 Not Found

It is a popular and the most common error code. This code is shown when a user enters a wrong URL or a broken link or a link which has been deleted. Maximum time, after deleting anything (Content, Link, Page, Image, File) this 404 Not Found error has shown.

404 not found error page of google

Why “404 Not Found” error shows?

First: For deleting anything from the web server this “404 Not Found” is appeared – and it is the main reason.

Second: For changing web server (web hosting) it may appear.

Third: For changing or editing database information incorrectly, the “404 Not Found” error shows.

Solution for “404 Not Found” error

First: You’ve to repair the broken link. Or You’ve to restore the deleted file or page.

Second: If you have changed the hosting, then you need to check the name of root folder or the user name.

Third: You’ve to update the database, if you’ve changed the hosting. Replace the old root folder path with the new root directory path.

406 Not Acceptable Error


This is also a common error. When a web browser sends the request to the server, then it sends an accept header to the server. It is said that in the server in which formatted data will receive the browser. If the server unable to send the result at the request of Accept Header, then the browser shows the “406 Not Acceptable” error.

Although, this error generally happens on the apache server for the mod_security module.

406 Not Acceptable Error


If you are using an Apache server, then you’ve to turn off the mod_security module. To turn off the mod_security module, login to your cPanel and click on “Modsec Manager” and turn it off. The “406 Not Acceptable” will have gone.

500 Internal Server Error

It is a very difficult error code of HTTP status. But, this is a temporary error. It is a frustrating and obscure error for the web developer. Personally, I get this error every day. The server automatically shows this error on the webpage and the website is closed. Another message has shown in this error. Sometime it shows, “Resource Limit is Reached“.

500 Internal Server Error


First: Maximum time, this error appears in front of us due to the wrong file permission by mistake.

Second: This error only shows on apache servers. Sometimes, hosting company give us the limited number of resources. Limited number of resources means a limited number of query processing at a time or the number of “Entry Process“.


First: You’ve to change the file permission which you’ve changed by mistake.

Second: Login to your cPanel and see the number of resources have been used. Check the log, optimize your database & optimal query and contact with the hosting service provider.

Third: Check your .htaccess file.

Thank you!

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