Computer Hardware, Science Questions and Answers [Part – 1]


Hey friends, how are you? I think you are fine. Happy X-mas in advanced. Form Today I will start a new topic for hardware student, who is preparing for HS exam or another computer related exam. I will give you all A+ exam question and answer part by part. Here is the 1st part. Keep following my post for the next part.

Top 50 Computer Hardware, Science Questions and Answers

Computer Hardware | Science Questions and Answers
Computer Hardware | Science Questions and Answers

1: 9 bit SIMMs have how many pins?

A: 30

2: How many bits is the system data bus for a Pentium Processor?
A: 64

3: How many bits is the data bus for a 486DX4 processor?
A: 32

4: A serial data port on your PC would have how many pinouts?
A: 9

5: How many wires does the standard IDE drive cable have? 
A: 40

6: How big is the conventional memory in a PC?
A: 640K

7: How many bits is the system bus for a 386SX processor?
A: 16

8: How many bits is the system bus for a 386 DX processor?
A: 32

9: What is the maximum length for a parallel cable?
A: 15 ft.

10: What IRQ does the real time clock use? 
A: 8

11: What form of software can also be called firmware?
A: System BIOS

12: What would you set your multimeter to if you wanted to detect an AC ripple?
A: AC Voltage

13: After you install a new floppy drive and restart the system, the floppy drive light stays on constantly and you get an “FDD Controller Failure” POST error. What is the problem?
A: Floppy cable is on backward

14: What type of port communicates information to a peripheral device one bit at a time?
A: Serial port

15: Should you wear a grounding strap when servicing a CRT monitor?
A: No

16: What are the 4 types of DC voltage usually produced by a power supply?
A: +5V

17: If your monitor just shows dots when you turn it on, what is most likely the problem?
A: Bad Video RAM

18: You have 2 hard drives installed on your primary EIDE controller. You install a CD-ROM on your secondary EIDE controller. What jumper setting would you use for the CD-ROM?
A: Master

19: What factor determines the amount of RAM a CPU can control?
A: Width of the Address Bus

20: What would you use to clean a monitor screen? 
A: Anti-static spray

21: Missing slot covers on a PC can cause what problem?
A: Overheating

22: A 15 pin, three rows, female connector on the back of a PC would be used for?
A: VGA/SVGA port

23: On a laser printer the primary corona does what?
A: Places a uniform negative charge on the photosensitive drum.

24: The correct AT command to tell a modem to hang up is?

25: Using a portion of hard disk space to serve as RAM is called?
A: Virtual Memory

26: The AT command to tell a modem to dial a number is?
A: ATD {number}

27: How many pins does a Joystick or MIDI port connector have?
A: 15

28: How can you tell that a PC has successfully completed its Power on Self Test (POST)?
A: A single beep at startup

29: Locations in memory are referred to as?
A: Addresses

30: On a laser printer, the laser beam performs what function?
A: Changes the charge on the photosensitive drum

31: Which electrical component will hold a charge even when no voltage is being applied?
A: Capacitor

32: What is the IDE CMOS/BIOS limit for the size of a hard drive?
A: 528 million bytes or 504 MegaBytes

33: You can probably determine that a monitor is working, even though it is not connected to a PC, by performing what action?
A: Turn up the brightness to see if the raster appears.

34: What purpose does the system ROM serve?
A: Starts the system when the computer is turned on.

35: A SIMM stick has 9 DRAM chips. How many bits is it wide?
A: 8 bits + parity

36: What is the difference between SRAM and DRAM?
A: SRAM has built in switches and does not have to be refreshed.

37: What type of printers are considered impact printers?
A: Dot Matrix and Daisy Wheel

38: How does a Pentium Pro processor differ from a Pentium processor?
A: Pentium Pro has onboard L2 cache

39: What is the binary equivalent of decimal 3. 
A: 011

40: In order for a device to communicate with the CPU it must have?
A: An I/O Address

41: The lower the SIMM access rate the ___________ the memory.
A: Faster

42: Your PC is working perfectly, but you notice the power supply fan has stopped working. What should you do?
A: Replace the power supply

43: What does DMA stand for?
A: Direct Memory Address

44: Capacitance is measured in units called?
A: Farads

45: The default memory address for the monochrome region of memory is?
A: B0000 – B7FFF

46: What does PIO stand for?
A: Programmed Input/Output

47: In serial communication, the setting 8,N,1 means?
A: 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit

48: The 2 most important considerations when selecting a surge suppressor are?
A: Clamping speed and Clamping voltage

49: Your sound card locks up your parallel port tape device when both are running. What is probably the problem?
A: IRQ conflict

50: You apply a password to CMOS but later forget it. What should you do?
A: Clear the CMOS by shorting the CMOS jumper.

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