Block the internet access of any app on Android Smartphone


Block the internet access of any app on your Android phone without any Difficulties (all for root and un-root) (Must Watch)

Today, I have brought you an android app, through which you easily block any apps accessing from the internet access. The name of this app is “No Root Firewall” and its version is v3.0.1. We, the people, who use unlimited internet, for those, this app is very important. Otherwise, those whose have no root in Android, for those, this app is very helpful. For blocking the internet access, there are so many apps in the play store, but for using those apps, the root obviously has to be in your android. So, those whose have no root, they will gain so many benefits by using this app.

How to block the internet access of any app on Android?

NoRoot Firewall v3 apk

Requires:  Android 4.0 and up.

Describe the benefits of this new version app:

  1. Without root, you can use it.
  2. If you want to access any apps from the internet, the notification will show and it will in the pending condition.
  3. Instead of blocking the apps, you can access the internet by unblocking.
  4. You can select the apps separately for the definite network.
  5. It is user friendly and easy interface.
  6. So, don’t waste your time, if you like it, then download the app from the download link:

Download Link

Thank you!

Biswajit Das
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