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You will see clearly with this house, street, river, rail station, school, shop- anything with name, if you miss then you will lose. This is a premium version that means much more features.

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App name: Google Earth

google earth

Many people will say now why it needs if you have Google map. Yes, brother it needs that is why Google has published this app, if it doesn’t need, then they would not publish this surely.

All apps have their own features which are totally different from the other. There are many things in this app which is different from other.

You can search any place from sitting in one place and with this you will get a full map of there. And you will get like that, it will seem, you are watching that place by standing. Because you will see clearly street, house, shop everything.

google earth1

And Google map takes a lot of RAM, which slow the phone, but this app is light, that means this app uses much less RAM and battery. Using this you will enjoy.

You will use it once more, guarantee you will like it.

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