How to access a blocked website?


Want to know, how to access a blocked website? Sometimes, some websites don’t give the permission to access the sites or some web  sites have been blocked in your country. So, how do you access this blocked website? For this, I’ll tell you, how to access a blocked website? Or how to access the website which is blocked in several countries.

Best 5 ways to access blocked websites.

access blocked website

Before applying the following steps, confirm that:

  1. Is this website under maintenance or not?
  2. Is this website has any error or not?
  3. Was the server down due to high traffic?
  4. Is the website has been deleted permanently or not?
  5. Make sure that have you have not blocked this website.

Now access the blocked websites

  • #1 Use Tor Browser

The Tor Browser is highly recommended by me. Because it is the best and easiest way to access the web anonymously. In my previous tutorial, I shared the best 5 web browsers. Must read this topic. Here is the download link of Tor Browser. It is free an open source project. It will protect your privacy when you are on online. It changes the IP address automatically whet it starts.

  • #2 Use IP Changing Software

You can use IP changer to hide your real IP address. If your IP address has been blocked by website owner, then you have to change the IP address with an IP address changing software. If the target website has been blocked by your country, then you can use IP address of others country to access the target website. (Download “Mask My IP” – the real IP changer or Download “Elite Hotspot” IP Hider Software.

  • #3 Delete Cookies and History from your Browser and try to visit again

  • #4 Use Browser proxy add-on/extension

  • #5 Flushing DNS

Open command prompt and use “ipconfig /flushdns” command and follow the steps to access the blocked website.

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