Best 5 Ways to Download YouTube Videos Easily


Do you want to download videos from YouTube? Have you tried to download videos from YouTube? Here are best 5 ways to download YouTube video easily. Today, I’m going to share top 5 processes for downloading YouTube Video without any software or with software.

How to download YouTube Video?

Download YouTube Video

There are many tutorials or many processes over the internet for downloading video from YouTube. General users or new don’t know about it, that’s how to download YouTube video?  So, I want to share this tip for beginners. This article is not for advance users. Before reading this tip, I will recommend you for reading something about “YouTube” (

Best 5 Ways to Download YouTube Video Easily

1# Using IDM:

IDM is the best software of the world for downloading any content from the web/internet. IDM automatically shows the download option when you play or watch any video on YouTube or other websites. Want to download IDM (Internet Download Manager) full version, no tension, Download IDM full from this link ( Enable IDM integration for showing auto download option.

2# Using YTD:

YTD means YouTube Downloader. This Downloader allows downloading YouTube video in HD formats. YTD shows a download button where you play the video. It is premium software. If you want to use this software, you have to buy it. But you can download YTD free from our website.

3# Using Extensions or Add-Ons:

There are many add-ons or Extension for downloading YouTube video. Go to the official website of Google Chrome extension or Mizilla Add-ons and search for YouTube Downloader or YTD. Google Chrome users can follow this link to download their target add-ons. Mozilla FireFox users follow this link to download YouTube Downloader.

4# Using Baidu Web Browser:

Baidu is a popular web browser of China. This China browser allows to download YouTube video easily. Baidu has inbuilt download option, you can download any files from the web, including YouTube videos with Baidu, no extra download manager requires. Torrent download managers also added. You may also check top 5 web browsers, recommended by experts.

5# Using (Save from Net)***

Download YouTube video through  world’s easiest way, no download manager requires. Play any video on YouTube and go to the URL add “SS” without quotation before, like (

Watch the video tutorial about: How to download YouTube Video?

Do you know any easy process to download videos from YouTube? If yes, then please leave a comment.

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