Apple is launching a search engine “Spotlight”


Apple is launching a search engine “Spotlight”, at a pace of 3% a quarter — if you have an iPhone or Mac you’ve been using it for a while..! Great news, it’s a more than a NEWS…

Apple is launching a search engine “Spotlight”

Internet lovers would be more happy to hear it..
While Google is grinding users down to 90% of search results generating ad links, Apple is building a search engine in plain sight called “Spotlight”. Over time they have included smaller and smaller notes; this is, of course, a huge debate in the industry. In fact, people have done studies to prove that a large percentage of users don’t know they are clicking on ads..


search engine "Spotlight"

The Spotlight is what happens on your desktop  when you hit COMMAND-SPACE or on your phone when you hit “slide down” when on your home screen.
For example: when you search for “Weather Cupertino” it gives you the result with no advertisements, no Google Logo — nothing but content.

weather report

On your mobile phone they will show you Wikipedia pages, App Store links and more — without any ads.

Apple is launching a search engine “Spotlight” adding a couple of features,the big update is “deep link searching in apps“.
In fact, Apple added the ability to do basic math in the search bar.

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