8 Killer Tips of Blogging to lead the way for More Success


Suppose, you have bought a domain, you have taken a good hosting from hosting provider. You have posted some articles on your site. But, you don’t get traffic or do not think that what do you do or what will be your topic. Those who suddenly come into the blogging at first you don’t think before appearing in the business, but after starting it then the thinking is coming into your mind. Then only one question will come in your mind is that how do you get blogging idea? This question comes into the mind of every blogger. You at least get 50-100ideas from your mind. But after that? You write about such a subject which is the most desirable for every person. You don’t write about what you read. Because, the reader may already read that. The readers basically come to your site to get new ideas or to get new knowledge. Every blogger needs some fresh ideas which is very rare for other bloggers. Below, I have discussed some blogging ideas. It may help you to get more success in your life. 

8 Killer Tips on Blogging

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# Idea 1. Read, Read and Read:   

For blogging the one thing you must do it i.e. read. The main important thing of any blogging authority is reading ability. Every day if you read different types of article or search on the internet then you will get an idea and you will be able to write about blogging. Previously, I said that what you have read you don’t need to write that, but your main aim is to make idea which the reader does not gain the idea about that particular subject. You don’t only read the various blogs, but also read different kinds of books to get the idea about blogging. You also get an idea by reading the autobiography or biography of many outstanding persons, magazines, conference paper, etc. Now you will have to research the market and have to take the final decision.

# Idea 2. Find out what the other bloggers tell:

For getting blogging idea, the comments of others’ bloggers may help you. You don’t rewrite their content or don’t copy their article because if you do it, then you make a big mistake. You read others’ article it means that you will get a good idea. If you want to be a good blogger then you must have done it. There are so many good bloggers such as Internet marketing, Blogging or Money making.  You will get a very good idea by reading the articles of these blogs.

# Idea 3. Find out What People wants to know in Various Forums:

The forum is such a platform from where what people wants to know or what people wants to find out. It is one of the medium of you to know it. If you know the solution about those problems, then, the authority source on that subject is your main aim. Suppose, you are writing down about the solution of some problems. But, they don’t know your site name. In this case, Forum is the most effective place. The Forum gives you an opportunity to discuss about any topic and you will able to know about what makes the people think. In here, you may allow them to your site. If you go ahead with your aim and make your blog an authority blog, if you create a form of discuss then you must win. As a forum you will get the Yahoo answer, wiki answers etc. – from where you get an idea.

# Idea 4. Regular Visit in Article Directory:

The article directory may provide you about what will be the topic of your article. The Article directory is the source of getting strong idea. But, you don’t follow any article directory, in the case of blogging. Basically, an article directory is the marketing policy in the source of bringing traffic. As a result, in here the amount of advertisement based article is more than the important information. But, in your blog you may provide same idea in a very good behavior. But yes, you will visit in article directory to get a good idea of any topic.

Idea 5. Get the assistance of Google Adword Tools:

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By putting any word you will get a good idea through https://adwords.google.com/. The Google Adwords tool is designed basically for what things do the people find and to get bids for the advertiser in the case of PPC advertisement. As a result, you may get blogging ideas about what things do the people find. It is one of strongest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool, so you may add some stronger and necessary keywords through it.

 Idea 6.  Search Latest News:

read news everyday

News is an important source of getting fresh blog idea and blog content. It performs an important role for the authority post in the niche blog. If you present a good news and if you search hot news then you get good traffic. This will be your targeted customer who will be the regular reader of your website. You make a news alert to get an updated news. As a result, you will easily get updated news. If you blogging a subject which is changeable such as: Politics, technology etc. then, you have to keep looking for the latest news.

# Idea 7. Ask:

Asking is one of the most important things. You may ask the people for their comments. As a result, you may get some active commenters. Also, you will get their demands. You will get it totally free.

Same work you may do on some social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. From there, you collect their demands and then blogging it. Then your success is defined.

# Idea 8. Must watch out the analytics: 

There is a no option of analytics for getting the concept about the blogging or also for gathering the concept about how the people are coming into your site. You also get a definite idea about how many people are coming to visit in your site or how has your keyword advisable. You may bring good traffic by developing your blog through the keywords.

google analytics

There are also so many mediums through which you get a good idea.

If you know it, then you must share other mediums. Wish you for your success. Keep it up.

Thank you!

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