6 Tips to Create a Healthy Work Environment and Stimulate Productivity


A healthy working environment is something that might have become a standard by now but not all businesses prioritize health at the workplace. You would be surprised by the number of business owners and managers who think that a healthy workplace is not something that is important to workers themselves.

In reality, if a worker feels safe at his or her workstation, then they are not only going to be more satisfied with their job but they will become more productive, which is in the best interest of the employer as well. Creating a healthy work environment is made easy using the following 6 tips that promise to stimulate the company’s productivity in the long run.

Perks of the job

Whichever industry they are employed in, employees like to feel special and the best way to nurture this feeling is by giving them perks not found at other companies. One of the most obvious perks is a pay rise but you shouldn’t rely on splashing more cash at the workforce because no amount of money will be enough to keep good workers if the work environment is unhealthy.

Assign the HR department with the task of conducting a short poll to find out what people really need and try to cater to those needs to the best of your abilities. The most popular measures include extra vacation days, prolonged sick leaves, in-house childcare, health insurance, wellness programs, benefit programs, etc.

Become a flexible employer

The rapport between an employer and the employee should be a relationship based on trust. You trust your staff to get the job done in the most efficient manner possible and your employees trust that you will pay the remuneration and more importantly, that you will look after them in some way.

Although the office should have strict house rules, you must be ready to adjust to the individual needs of employees. If a person has to run an errand, they are stuck in traffic or there is an emergency back home, you should allow them extra time to solve any pending issues. This approach results in less stress in the office and improved trust in you as the employer.

Establish a quiet work environment

Speaking of destressing the workplace, one of the issues that you will certainly face in the process is noise pollution. This problem is especially troublesome for factory workers who operate heavy-duty machinery that produces a lot of noise. Blue-collar workers should be equipped with a pair of noise-canceling headphones to start with.

Office workers aren’t exposed to that much noise pollution but the noise coming from the street, for example, can spell doom for workers in creative industries. That is why installing soundproof windows like the ones Prestige Plus produces is a great way to combat noise pollution.

Start wellness hype

The difference between an average and an excellent boss is that the latter knows how to motivate his or her employees. Instead of merely handing out free gym membership cards, you should go to the gym yourself to set an example. There could be bonuses and incentives for people who exercise, which would create real wellness hype in the office. The more people you genuinely get interested in fitness, the less sick leaves you’ll have to sign each year.

Eat-in or our but eat healthy

In the past, if companies wanted their workers to eat healthy, they would establish a mess hole on company premises. However, modern business practices favor eating out or hiring caterers to provide workers with wholesome, ready-made meals.

Essentially, it is not that important where your workers take their breakfast or lunch break but what type of food they consume during it. A popular solution nowadays is for a company to provide a large fridge or two in the office kitchen and let the employees stock it to their dietary needs. A neat trick is to present them the fridge with healthy snacks already placed on shelves and restock them regularly.

Investing in personal and professional development

Once you are sure your employees are eating healthy, it is time to ensure they are of good mental health as well. One of the biggest motors of a healthy work atmosphere is motivating the people in the right way. We’ve listed earlier what benefits you can offer them but what every man truly wants is an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Creating a healthy work environment that would fuel this growth is essential if you want a happy workforce. There should be plenty of career-enhancing opportunities for workers, such as seminars, study field trips, conferences, educational workshops, language classes, etc. Regardless of their job position, each and every worker should be made to feel that they have room for career advancement.

There are numerous ways to build a healthy work environment but the 6 listed above are a great starting point. Try to listen out to the needs of the employees and then fulfill their health-related requests one by one with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity.