The Rules of Calling by keeping Secret Your Mobile Number



During the time of calling, your mobile phone number automatically gets the receiver. In this case, the girls are facing a real problem. Unknown person is disturbing every day. So, you must know it the Rules of Calling by keeping Secret Your Mobile Number.

How to hide your phone number when making a phone call?

Mainly, you definitely free from this problem by using some beautiful apps. Various types of apps are available already, for this, you have to use false number. For this, you may face a problem. By using these apps, during the time of calling, you may change the number. In this case, the app users hide the actual number and display a fake number.

So many people use this kind of apps. For example: Voxox, Lifehacker, Spoofcard, Tracebust, CallerIDFaker etc. Among these, Tracebust gains a huge popularity. You can use this app primarily, but later, the user must be paid money for using this app. In this technology, so many people are using this. But, you can use this app.