20 Ways to increase views and subscribers of videos of your YouTube Channel


There are 20 ways for increasing view and subscribe of your YouTube channel.

Do you want to start a video marketing business? In this case, to you YouTube is the blessed thing. YouTube is always in front foot than other social networking sites to attract the attention of any customers on any service or any product. The value of YouTube marketing is viewed and subscribers. So, there are 20 tips by which you can increase the view and subscriber of your channel. Also Read: How to earn money with YouTube?

YouTube Video Marketing Tips

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#1. Upload the video regularly and you do it by maintaining a definite time. If the viewers get the new videos in every Tuesday, then they will come to watch the new videos in every Tuesday. And moreover, there is an another reason to watch the regular videos is that into how many times you will provide the new videos, then you will get the subscriber notification for giving every video.

#2. You publish every uploaded video (do not share the link, rather embedded it.) Because, very few people will watch the video outside the Facebook. As a result, the viewer stays in the Facebook and will increase the views.

#3. You keep your video title within 50 words. If you make it larger, then some part of your video title will cut. In this case, the viewers do not understand it and its effects on the Search Engine.

#4. Embedded the videos in your blogs. As a result, the viewers will increase along with the readers in your blog and your blog and channel authority will also increase.

#5. Keep small your normal videos. You keep the normal videos within 2/3 minutes. The viewers do not interest to watch large videos.

#6. For selecting the any keyword of the video, search on the Google by giving that particular keyword. If you watch that there is a video in the first option of the result, then you will understand that there is a chance of coming your video at the first position in the Google.

#7. Create Playlist, according to the topic, playlist your videos. As the title of the playlists, you use the definite keywords of the videos. It helps in the playlist Google rank. Read, how to create a list of YouTube videos?

#8. Give intro in all of your videos. It helps you to gain the authority of your channel and will increase the subscribers of your channel.

#9. Obviously, you give relevant keyword and description in your all videos.

#10. When you have embedded your video in your blog or in your site, then share the link of your video. It directly links to your YouTube channel and will interest to watch the other videos of your channel.

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#11. Create a mesmerizing channel trailer after giving your introduction and your channel introduction for which, if anyone came in your channel home then it will be played automatically. It plays a great role for giving authority to you in your video niche.

#12. At the end of video provide strong call-to-action in a large annotation.

#13. Create some video content juxtapose making trending video content, which never will feel. Trending video acts for getting some view quickly, but you have to keep your channel memorable. For that there is no chance for closing income of your channel suddenly. And it also helps for ranking on Google.

#14. Give subscribe button in your blog. It will be better if that is beside embedded video.

#15. In some case man only search with long-tail keyword. That’s why you will use the long-tail description if you make that type of video. For that you will get those viewers who are interested about it.

#16. You can use a YouTube widget on your site or blog. Tint is a very good tool for that type of tool.

#17. Tell your viewers to like. Because video like informs YouTube that your video is popular, then it gets importance on YouTube search.

#18. Always check out comments and give answers which has given in your video. For that your viewer subscriber will understand that you are cordial to them, like that YouTube will also understand that you give importance to your viewers.

#19. Both YouTuber can promote this. And both you Tuber also can make co-branded video.

#20. Find out the most active fans from Creator Dashboard and Analytics, and contact with them. And tell them to share video with their community.

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