2. Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Part-1)


For developing the site of E-Commerce, some subjects are too much important. Now, I will discuss with some subjects. Click here to get all tutorials about e-Commerce (Index Page)

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Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Step By Step, A-Z Guide)

Firstly, you have to give a name of your business. The name of your business must be fine and easy. Then, you have to search the name of your business in search engine to see that either any same name of your website exits or not. If the name does not exist, then you register your site. The site registration must be done in such institution which is very popular in the business world. Now, I will discuss how your site will be user friendly and popular. (You may register your domain on Godaddy or Namecheap or other reputed site).

2.1. Landing Page

Landing Page is the very important subject in E-Commerce transaction. Generally, within 10 seconds you have to attract the visitors. Then, you have to engage the customers by displaying your products. For this, you have to arrange the keywords of your site. Why Keyword? Generally, users find sites by the search engine. By keeping the key words the search engine project sites in front of the users. Now, you think that like your site, there are so many sites in all over the world. So, which site will be in front of the others and which one will back?  For this, you have to understand the search engine optimization. SEO is a process by which you will be able to increase the users in your site.

landing page

The search engine runs a program which calls bots or spiders which finds the hyperlink of the various websites.  It is called crawl. When crawling the page, search engine makes the contents into the index and stores in its database. When, you send a request for information in search engine, then, the search engine tries to match the index of documents which must be stored in the database of search engine. Otherwise, the search engine can’t find it. So, who makes the SEO fine, his/her site will be shown in early.

2.2. Multiple Browser Testing

When you make your site, then you will open your site from various browsers. Because, various browsers represent the site in various ways.

2.3. Screen Resolution Test

Screen resolution makes able to attract the visitors. So, the screen resolution must be attractive.

2.4. Increase Trust

You will be kept in your mind that when the visitors visit on your site, the visitors may not trust you. For this, you have to bring the trusted payment method. For example, PayPal Payment.

2.5. Test, test & test

When you land your site, then for getting the result you test your site.

It is an important thing. If your navigation is good and user friendly then it attracts the users.

2.7. Alternative Navigation Themes

In where the most of the site’s navigation structure depends on the product based, in there you may be added more things. For example, flipkart.com uses 4 themes just as product category, gift giving, entertaining and healthy living.


2.8. Limit number of Option

Generally, in first navigation, it should not be used more than 8-12 options. Many options make the users irritate.


2.9. Keep Navigation Consistent

It should not be changed from the one page navigation to another page navigation.  It makes the client confusion. It is an unprofessional tusk.

2.10. Use Readable Font

The font which you use in navigation must be attractive and users can read very easily.

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