2. Methods of Developing E-Commerce Websites (Part-2)


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2.11. Product Category

It is an important step. Generally, buying process starts from this step. Category page shows various product lists and provides links to see the details of the product.

2.12. Auto return after add to Cart

You never think that customers are shopping automatically. When the customers add their items in the shopping cart, then automatically get back their last product category page.

2.13. More Item per page

The main problem of dial-up connection is that it makes the internet very slow. As a result, it slows the webpage of E-Commerce site. Now a days, the users use DSL technology. As a result, so many products have seen on the webpage and customers do not click the back option. So, the products which are very popular, you will show them in the above.

quick view

2.14. Display Out of Stock Separately

You will have to show that product which is out of stock. It will be very good if you replace the old model of that product or the other one. As a result, the customer will be satisfied.

2.15. Ajax Quick View Feature

The advantage of this is that you will be able to see the customers of the price list, picture, and description etc. of any product.

product view

2.16. Sort by Price

The price of the product is the big for every customer. You will obviously mention the prices of every product.

sort by price

2.17. Sort by Age

Generally, customers find new products, so it will be very intelligent work if you see the age of the products.

2.18. Sort by User Rating

It will be very good if you can watch the ratings under the every product to every customer.

2.19. Filter by Colour/Size

If you purchase your products then it will be very good to see your products by filtering the colours, size and brand of the products.

sort by color

2.20. Show Real Photo

If you show the reality of the photo in your site, then it gives so many opportunities to your customers.

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