10 Wonderful WordPress Tips for Beginners


WordPressIf you want to see great results with your WordPress site, you should use these wonderful WordPress tips for beginners.

Every business owner wants to stand out in the market and establish a strong online presence. WordPress is a powerful content management platform for both beginners and professionals alike.

The platform has inbuilt features that make it easy to design a website fast whether you are an expert or you are just starting out.

In this article, you will learn some practical WordPress tips to help you see the results you want from your WordPress site.

Let’s get started.

  • Optimize Your Content for SEO

Don’t fret, because it’s something though has a learning curve, it’s easy once you know the ins and outs of it.

Content is King for SEO
Content is King for SEO

First things first, as a beginner, you should download the Yoast SEO plugin which you can get it for and advance to the premium package once you establish your business.

Well, although the free Yoast SEO plugin lacks sufficient features, unlike the premium version, it helps you analyze your content and provides suggestions on how to optimize content to rank in search engines.

This powerful tool will allow you to describe your primary keywords and will display a readability score so you can adjust your content accordingly.

  • Image Compressing

Uploading huge images and videos to your WordPress site can slow down the loading times which hurt the user experience of your site resulting in a high bounce rate.

There are plenty of plugins some free and some are freemium you can use to compress images before posting them to your site. An example of such plugins is Smush that compresses images as you upload to your site.

The good thing about Smush is that it can bulk compress images you already have on your site fast.

Once you compress your images properly, you can expect your WordPress site to load fast bearing in mind that a web page needs to load in less than 3 seconds for it to rank better in search engines.

  • Create a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Site

Today, people are using mobile to access the web than ever. That means if your website cannot load on mobile devices, then you are not up for success.

Mobile Friendly Website
Mobile-Friendly Website

For that reason, you need to ensure your website can display properly on desktops, laptop computers, and mobile devices as well.

To ensure your website displays correctly both on computers and mobile devices, you should use a mobile-friendly WordPress theme.

  • Choose the Right Hosting Company

Most website owners when starting out with their website development get tempted to use the cheapest hosting providers thinking it’s the best way to save money but it can have long-term impacts on the performance of your website.

Usually, the cheapest hosting providers stuff multiple websites on one server which results in slow loading websites. When your site takes ages to load, expect no growth and profits from it.

The best solution would be to choose a hosting provider wisely.

  • Internal Linking Rocks

Internal linking is considered a powerful on-page SEO technique. It helps to keep readers within your site for a longer which signifies Google that your site is valuable to your readers.

Link Building
Link Building

However, you should not interlink anyhow. Ensure to link with an anchor text that related to the content you are linking to.

Just ensure to link every post you publish to an existing page within your site.

  • Optimize Your URLs for Search Engines

Usually, WordPress gives a permalink structure to every post you make that includes the date.

Leaving your URL that way can hurt your Google ranking efforts. You should edit the permalink to remove the date.

Just go to your WordPress dashboard, click on Settings, and choose Permalink. Select Post name and then Save Changes.

  • Remove the Messes from Your Permalinks

It’s every website owners desire to create content that search engines can find it. You should make your content findable by search engines by cleaning up your permalinks.

You can use WordPress built-in permalink field at the top to edit the permalink of a post before you publish it.

You may include the keywords in your permalink but don’t overdo it.

Here is an example:

For this post, our permalink would be:


You could change it to: yoursite.com/10-beginner-wonderful-wordpress-tips.

The main aim of a permalink is to tell search engines what the content inside is about.

  • Monitor Your Website Speed

You should always ensure your website loads as required. For that reason, you must monitor its load speed always.

Website Speed Optimization
Website Speed Optimization

There are tools you can use to monitor your WordPress site for free including PageSpeed, Pingdom, and more.

These tools will assess your website and offer suggestions for improvement. You can use the recommendations to tweak your site accordingly.

  • Use the Footer Area Effectively

When you scroll down your WordPress site, you will find the footer area at the bottom. Most people forget to make maximum use of this area.

The footer area is the best place to show your readers who own the site or include a copyright message.

You can also include an option-in form to your email list or links to important posts within your website.

Most people will scroll down to the footer area to know who is behind the production, so make use of this area effectively.

  • Keep Spam Content Away

In a bid to create backlinks, people think that blog commenting is the best way to do it. For that reason, many will ruin your site with spam comments.

You need to ensure that you review comments before they go live on your site by adjusting it on the Comment Settings so that you can manual approve comments every day.

You can even do away with the comment section like most writing service providers do.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is the best content management platform that does not require one to have coding skills to develop a website on it. Nevertheless, only a few know that there is a better way to optimize content for performance. We hope these tips will help you.

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