Google Ranking Factor 2020 (Only for SEO Experts)


SEO means Search Engine Optimization – if you have a website and if you want to find your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines then you have needed an SEO expert for ranking on Google or other search engines.

Google Ranking Factor 2020

Google Ranking Factor

Today, I’ll tell you about Google Ranking Factor. Google changes their ranking factors every day, every time for giving the best result to their users. Google has not changed their search algorithm system of 2014 in 2016. Now, the user experience is an important factor from the new factors. See the equation of user experience –

CTR + Bounce rate + Average time on site = User Experience

Know more about the above terms:

What is CTR?

CTR means click through rate. It means how many clicks your website has got from Google search. More clicks, more visitors, more CTR and more money. So, CTR is the main part of a website. To increase CTR, you have to get visitors from Google Search.

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is an access time of a visitor. It means a visitor how long of time accessing your website. Bounce rate is a measure of the effectiveness of a website in encouraging visitors to continue with their visit. It is expressed as a percentage and represents the proportion of visits that end on the first page of the website that the visitor sees. Low bounce rate is best for your website. If the bounce rate of a website more than 80%, then the rank will decrease of this website. Minimum <60% bounce rate require of a website because it tells the users experiences. So, decrease bounce rate and improve your website.

Read more at: Wikipedia.

Average Time on Site: Average time is the total spending times of total visitors on the website. Suppose, a visitor browses your website for 5 minutes and another visitor browses your website for 1 minute then, the average time on your website will be 1+5=6, 6/2=3, 3 minutes. More average, time more rank.

I think, you have understood that how to increase User Experience. So, you have to write high-quality content as though users click on the title of your articles, read the article for longer times and click on others page of your website.

How to increase fake user experience?

Visit your website by changing IP Address of your PC and browse for 30 seconds, your User Experience will be increased.

How to change IP Address?

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) for changing the IP Address. You can use this VPN.

Use SSL to rank on Google:

Yes, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is also the ranking factor. It has many importance. It increase the security of website. You will get 256 Bit encryption. Google will crawl your site with priority.

Use a Push Notification Plugin

In the internet world, 80 percent users are mobile (SmartPhone) user and 20% are  PC/Desktop/Laptop user. If you want to keep every new visitors, then send a reminder to the through the push notifications. You can ask me that, why not through email. Yes, you can send email, but I think it is a very old idea. Most of the time, 80% users don’t read email everyday, but they spend lots of time on online. So, you should take the advantage of that time. Send notification of every updates through push message on Mobile devices or PC/Laptop devices. Your favourite blog “The Mental Club” is also using push notification.

Push Notification

You may use “” – to get free notification setup.

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