10 Best Online Yoga Certifications and Programs


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  • Pros and Cons of Online Yoga Certification  
  • Choosing an Online Yoga Certification
  •  Find Top 10 Online Yoga Certification  

Our technological advancements have made everything quite easier. Learnings have shifted from traditional methods to online. Yoga classes or online yoga certification programs were no exception. They have also started offering their courses online. As practitioners of yoga, we need to be very thoughtful as to how we take yoga teacher training online. Of course, there are many benefits, but what about the disadvantages? This article discusses the pros and cons of online yoga certifications, and how to choose an online yoga course we also found you the best ten online yoga certifications where you can enroll for yourself anywhere and anytime and study at your own pace.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Pros and Cons of Online Yoga Certification  

An online yoga teacher training is just like offline classes covering all the important elements, theory, practical sessions, teaching practices, and workshops. Some institutions even provide live sessions and one-on-one training sessions.  Even if the class is pre-recorded, the student can have facetime with teachers and clarify their doubts.  Individual guidance, proper feedback, and community engagement are also available in many online certification programs.

Pros of Online Yoga Certification  

  • Cheaper rates and affordability
  • No time restrictions, Study any time, anywhere
  • Unlimited access to course content
  • Choice of courses is not limited. Access to a wide variety of course
  • Choice of institutions and trainers

Cons  of Online Yoga Certification  

  • Lack of focus or concentration
  • No individual guidance
  • Lack of community feeling
  • Less networking
  • Lack of direct Adjustments and Corrections
  • No real classroom experience

As this topic needs to be discussed giving prime importance, we have made a blog post on the benefits and drawbacks of online yoga teacher training. Click the link to read the blog.

Choosing an Online Yoga Certification

Read reviews, talk with past pupils, decide which type of yoga suits you and which institution is known for teaching that style, read available literature about them, etc are some of the common parameters for selecting an online yoga certification.

Yoga Certification

Things to note while choosing a certification: the reputation of the Institution, the Credibility of the course; Yoga Alliance accreditation, Course Syllabus, teacher’s profile, cost of the course, and testimonials of students.

Know more about the legal requirements for teaching yoga, certifications, and insurance from Arhanta Yoga’s blog.

Find Top 10 Online Yoga Certification 

Here are the ten online yoga certification programs.

1. Siddhi Yoga Online School

Siddhi is a traditional yoga school in India. They offer affordable courses and their multiple instructors organize live interactive zoom sessions.  They have advanced yogic practices that are deeply rooted in traditional Indian yoga teachings.

2.  Arhanta Yoga

Arhanta Yoga Ashrams Arhanta Yoga ® is an international yoga training institute with yoga ashrams in India and the Netherlands. The course contents, both online and offline are refined and prepared with two decades of teaching experience. They have multiple offline and online courses.

3.  My Vinyasa Practice

If you are looking for broad and deep learning of yoga, My Vinyasa Practice is the best. The course covers a variety of topics and resources. You will have a strong foundation in yoga, by the time you finish the course.

Yoga Class

4.  Sampoorna Yoga

 Sampoorna’s yoga online teacher training is deeply rooted in Indian tradition and practice. The course is an intensive program focused on imparting knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach asanas, pranayama, meditation, yogic anatomy, yoga philosophy, Yoga Sutras, etc.

 5.  Yoga Renew

The Yoga Renew is an online  200-hour yoga teacher certification program that offers an in-depth and extensive approach to yoga. They touch all the aspects of Hatha Yoga which will deeply enrich your practice and even if you are an experienced yoga trainer, Yoga renew will give a new direction to your yoga practice.

6.  East+West 200-Hr Training

The East+West 200-Hr Training’s online training has teachers from India and the west. Indian teachers teach topics like philosophy, meditation, and history, and western teachers teach practicals such as asana, sequences, and studio preparation.

7.  Yoga International

Yoga International is one of the very leading yoga training centers available online.  They teach how to work with body sizes and different shapes. The institute guarantees practitioners to become skillful, confident teachers.

Leading yoga training centers

8.  Akasha Yoga Academy

Akasha Yoga offers 200-hour YTT in 200 videos and a manual. You will also have the opportunity to learn from some of the seniors in the discipline around the globe.

9.  Yoga Farm Ithaca

Yoga courses from the institute are fully interactive and have live training with the advantage of direct contact with your trainers and classmates each week. The course which is run by a non-profit teaches you how to teach yoga online and in-person

10.  Santosha Yoga

Santosha Yog’s online yoga teacher certification offers comprehensive online training. They offer yoga courses in 200 hours in Classical Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Iyengar Yoga.


There are differences between studying yoga by going to an ashram/ institution and studying with real people. Nothing matches a real study environment. But online yoga certifications are also equally good, where you achieve some other missing elements in offline classes. An aspiring student who is genuinely interested in yoga can decide which type and where to study yoga.