Why we do Yoga Teacher Training?


What is Yoga

In this world, everyone defines yoga in their world according to their knowledge people think is an exercise. Yoga is not only twisting and touching the toe. In Yoga Teacher Training You will learn many things related to yoga. It is more than that Yoga is a practice which we do with our mind and body. It is a unification means union or combination of the mind, body, and spirit it gives a human a different and new fresh vision of life and how it affects our mind-body, and soul. Yoga originated in ancient India. It is a practice that has been done by the sages and yogis for thousands of years in India.

Crow Yoga Pose

How Yoga Related with Divine Peace.

According to that they also provide the name of this asana. Yoga is a also practice of spirituality and it also helps a person to go on the path of Divine peace. Divine peace is a peace that you will not get from nature it is that peace that you get when you connect with god. It is an unconditional and permanent peace. It is different from the world kind of peace. It is peace in which you are no more greedy of world pleasure you go beyond on these things. It opens the door to spirituality. Yoga is a combination of some physical asana, breathing techniques, and meditation also. When we practice these practices it will connect us with our inner self which gives us clarity and wisdom.

Mudra Of Yoga

Where Word Yoga Come

Yoga is also an art and science because it has theories that give you a scientific reason for every asana and benefit. The term yoga is driven by the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite. According to the Yogic scriptures which are written in ancient times. They explain yoga is a union of individual consciousness with that of Universal Consciousness, making harmony between mind and body.

What is Yoga Teacher Training?

If you want a Yoga teacher give your career a different path which will be a source of income for you and also give you health benefits and mental peace. Yoga is the right choice you can start your career as a yoga teacher. To become a yoga teacher you have to complete a certified Yoga Teacher Training course from a Registered school. Yoga not only enhances your skills and knowledge to teach yoga but also makes you an expert on how to run a Yoga school smoothly and enhance your abilities. When You chose a short duration course of yoga it will give you all clear about the basics of Yoga and a long duration course will help you to top of your Yoga teacher training course.

Different Yoga Asana

For Those who want Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Training is the course for Yoga teachers where they practice asana, meditation, breathing techniques, and many more skills which will help them to teach Yoga in future to students. It is a certified course. In yoga teacher Training there are different levels of 200 Hour yoga teacher Training, 300 Hour yoga teacher Training, and 500-hour yoga teacher Training.

What are the benefits of doing Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training gives you a path to explore your knowledge of yoga with others by teaching them about this great practice of body and mind. This training gives you a great chance to gain knowledge about yoga philosophy and history. This course is designed in that way beginners and experienced both will learn something new about yoga. This course gives you the confidence to teach a mass audience and spread your Yoga Knowledge.

This course gives you a chance for personal growth. It is like an investment for you which you invested on your self today and in future, it will give you great benefits in not the case of money but for your body and mind. Yoga will help you to cope with your old experiences. And make you a great personality.


The training course will help yoga practice to another stage. when you are a student of yoga you will you chance of learning to your yourself but when you became a teacher you gain access not only to the foundational knowledge required to teach and also get a chance to of learning from the experienced teacher and mentor who have great knowledge of yoga.

By joining the yoga teacher Training course people come from different places you meet new people, and you have a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for yoga.

Suggestion for course

Yoga Essence Rishikesh gives a great opportunity to learn Yoga teacher training in the beautiful environment of the beauty of nature near the Himalayas and the holy and divine river Ganga. Ganga is like a flow spirituality when you near Ganga and practice yoga asana and meditation you will feel that energy inside you.