How to Stay Motivated When Working Out at Home?


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Working out should be an essential part of everyone’s weekly routine. It’s healthy, good for your mind and your body, and helps you stay energized and active. We’re all aware of this, but not so many of us are exercising regularly. We’ve all been there: we promise ourselves we’re starting to work out on Monday morning, this lasts for a couple of days and we lose the motivation. Especially if we’re working out at home.

That’s why we need to learn how to stay persistent and preserve our motivation. If you want to exercise at home but aren’t sure you’re motivated enough, just keep reading. The list below will help you stay enthusiastic about your at-home exercise routines.

Create Your Space

Sometimes we need a bit of help from the outside to feel motivated on the inside.

Your house isn’t always the most ideal place for a workout.

With the kids running around, your dog seeking attention, or the laundry that needs to be folded, you don’t always feel super excited about exercising.

This is why to stay motivated, you need to create a mini exercise area at your house, where you can place your fitness equipment and you’ll feel empowered and ready to hit those goals.

Find a remote part of the house or a corner of the living room and:

  • gather all your exercise gear
  • hang motivating posters
  • move the furniture away

By creating your exercise space, you’ll be feeling more eager to work out and stay focused on your fitness goals.

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Dress for Success

When you’re in your regular at-home clothes and you need to start exercising, there’s no way you’ll be as motivated as you should be.

Dressing up in fitness clothes will create a sense of seriousness and will make you feel more ready to accomplish your daily work out tasks.

Therefore, get yourself some exercise clothes and equipment such as:

  • leggings
  • sports bras
  • running shoes
  • workout mat

Wear you’re the right type of fitness clothes for each workout session. This will help you work out properly and you’ll feel more in the zone for exercising.

Find a Workout Buddy

When things are hard or you feel like you’re about to fail, it’s always best that you have someone to lean on.

An exercise buddy is someone who’ll keep you company and workout with you. It can be your partner, your kids, or even a friend you invite over.

The two of you will be able to:

  • motivate one another
  • compare results
  • plan your workout sessions
  • share meal ideas

“Having someone to work out with you is sometimes the best motivation. Try working out with a partner to see how it makes you feel,” says Mariah Pearson, a health blogger and a writer at Top Writers Review.

Make a deal with someone you love spending time with and start your mutual fitness journey.

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Focus on The End Goal

When we first start working out, we feel highly motivated because we start with a clear goal in mind. However, this goal fades out over time and we lose the focus.

That’s why we constantly need to remind ourselves about the goals we have.

It’s best that you write your goals down and read them every time you think about quitting:

  • I want to be healthy.
  • I want to lose weight.
  • I want to stay energized.
  • I want to be active and fit.

Remind yourself why the journey started and don’t lose track of your goals. This will help you push forward even when you don’t feel like it.

Keep and Exercise Diary

Finally, there’s no greater motivation than the ability to feel the results of all the hard work.

If you’re able to see progress, you’ll be able to continue working out and stay motivated.

You can do this by keeping an exercise diary. Write down things such as:

  • your start weight
  • your measures
  • how you feel after an exercise
  • struggles you overcome
  • your goals ad achievements
  • what you eat

Make sure you have it all on paper and you take notes on all segments of your at-home workout routine.

Compare your initial notes to those a month or two later, to see how much progress you’ve made.

Final Thoughts

Finding motivation can be the key to success in working out at home. You can’t go far without it so you need to invest your time and energy into finding it.

Use the advice above to help yourself pass the low-motivation phases and don’t give up. Stay motivated and focused, and you’ll make progress with each new day.

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