Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Blog


Before going to start why you should choose WordPress for your blog, I need to tell you, especially to the newbie that what it actually is?

Why WordPress?

Well, WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) like other CMS Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. It is undoubtedly the best blogging platform and as I mentioned earlier that there are so many blogging platforms available, but WordPress is the best option to go.

WordPress first starts its journey in 2003 with the mission to give power to every individual person to write and publish his or her own content. Rapidly it was able to get the affection of every individual writer and publisher that is why today, almost 70% of the total website on the internet is powered by WordPress. Something incredible, isn’t it?

why wordpress

In my blogging career, I first choose BlogSpot cause WordPress was unknown to me and on the other hand BlogSpot was free to use.

But later on when I know about WordPress and saw others review about it, my mind force myself to switch on to WordPress. Since then I am still using WordPress and hopefully I will stick with it.

Today I will be sharing with you why you should choose WordPress for your blog and what’s the benefit of using it.

  • Use of Plugins

There are about hundreds of thousands of free and paid plugins available for WordPress. Mose of the plugins are free to use. While using BlogSpot I was deprived of the benefit of using plugins.

wordpress plugins

With the help of plugins you can do anything whatever you want and however you want to see your blog. I mean all the plugins are very handy and one of the main reasons of using WordPress because of its plugins.

Though the other content management system also has some sort of plugins, but that is very limited and when we talk about WordPress here sky is the limit.

  • Because of SEO

There is no other blogging platform available which can give you the SEO friendliness like WordPress. In WordPress you can easily change the permalink of your site which is very important for SEO.

wordpress seo

You know your writing is good and your content is so informative which can help others, but what will you do with your outstanding content when people don’t even see it. So to spread your views among the people you must optimize your blog for search engine and here WordPress is a great platform for it.

There are lots of free SEO plugin available by which you can optimize your blog for better ranking.

  • Easy to Use

I used Joomla for a few days and found it very complex while WordPress was so easy to use. Even you don’t need to know about HTML, CSS or any other programming languages. I found myself very comfortable with it hope you find it too.

  • Variety of Themes

There are hundreds of thousands of free and paid themes available for WordPress. You don’t have to worry about your blog design all you have to do is just choose a nit clean and standard theme for your site.

  • Psychological Serenity

When my blog was on BlogSpot platform somehow I was unhappy with it cause first of all it was free to use and it was far away from professional look. The psychological serenity was totally missing. If you want to choose blogging as your career or just want to build a blog, then you must choose WordPress cause it’s the best.

Now It’s Your Time

According to me WordPress is the best, but if you think it is not best or if you find some other blogging platform which is better than it then feel free to share your experiences with us. I am very keen to know from you.

Thank you.

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