What is Web 2.0? List of Web 2.0 sites.


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Greeting to everyone in the The Mental Club community. Today I will share with you “What is web 2.0? And what is the aim of web 2.0?”. Though Erik Nor used this “web 2.0” word first in 2003 in a special discussed function organized by Business IT Magazine CEO, the concept of web2.0 comes first in 2004 after web conference of Orally media.

What is Web 2.0?

Google’s vice president Adam Bosworth explains web 2.0 as a developed intelligent client, which shares information and works with many developed media. Like photo, sound, video etc. He admits, these are nothing new. He mentions information overloading as basic characteristics of the new web. According to him, used tools for rate, review and discussion are the main discover of web 2.0.

The Aim Of Web 2.0.


To explain web 2.0 again, several concepts have used like globalization, internationalization and global village. In other words, web 2.0 is not only one matter or thing. Web 2.0 is an addition of some effort. There are API, RSS, social network etc. In this effort.

Web 2.0 is called a totally participation based web. This participation is both of men and machine. As a result, notable changes have come in worldwide technology and web design, which main goal is creativity, exchanging secure information, additional work and encouraging web use.

Here keep in mind that, web 2.0 is nothing except gradual changeable web. This is that web which has used till today. But the problem, introduction and use of technology are different in many cases. So use of web 2.0 word is introductory of this gradual changeable web.

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Characteristics of Web 2.0:

The main characteristic of web 2.0 sites is sites giving chances to do more to users except also accepting information. Using advantages reaction of web 1.0, made web 2.0 sites use networking as a platform, as a result users can run of its software application only by using the browser. For this reason web 2.0 is explained almost as platform web. Web 2.0 is seen as both mediums where users are both readers and writers.

Users can get data of web 2.0 sites and they can use it according to their wish. Architecture of web 2.0 sites is such, which encourages users to add a new measure in application. Most of the website’s characteristics are developed and its user friendly is used in interface like the media of Ajax, Flex, and JK framework etc.

In short the characteristic of web 2.0 is filling the demand of users, its participation, dynamic content, metadata, web standard etc.



Sometimes there is added server software, others site’s connection, messaging protocol, browser plugin and extension and several client applications with complicated and gradual changeable web. Generally web 2.0 sites are added features in the following:

  • Search:

It finds out any information from site through keyword.

  • Link:

Important information takes in part.

  • Authoring:

It makes content which is constantly changeable. Example: In wiki one person can change another’s work. In a blog post and comment is submitted.

  • Tag:

Through tag content is divided into category. The tag is only a word with which content is described which helps to search.

  • Extension:

Through algorithm, it works automatically and matches the pattern.

  • Signal:

Using RSS technology, it is informed any content’s change through E-mail.

Strong>web based application and desktop:

Like client side framework have come very near the use of Ajax to web development desktop application. Example: word processing, spreadsheet, slideshow presentation etc.

There are some browser based operating system, like IOS and UOS through which many features and applications are available like desktop OS. These operating systems don’t control client computer’s hardware, as a result not working like conventional OS, many service works as an application platform.

There are some applications, generally a framework needs to run them. This framework is called RIA framework. And this type of application is called RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is computer made data-file format, which is used to contact one site to an other site or application. Using RSS, developers can synthesis their data source with others data source easily.

And which tool has made possible that is an API. It creates API web based data and function’s flow. As a result, it is easy to exchange and contact data off site and application with one site or application.

Possibility of Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 can keep contribution in the public sector also in achieving Government’s revenue through help. Web 2.0 wiki has made on the possibility of higher education and research through several forum’s spread knowledge tools and experts together.

Web 2.0 has added new dimensions in social work. Social work can be done by sitting in the house. There are several features of web 2.0 in medical services, legal services or data analysing, like chat, blog, GIS can be used.


Debate is till now that, web 2.0 doesn’t make any new World Wide Web rather the concept and technology of reputed web 1.0 has used in most of the cases. Several new technologies are like Ajax, the old HTTP protocol is used just on this by adding a phase.

We see many free blog sites and social media sites. It gives permission to make a free account and other facilities also. Web 2.0 is the medium of making backlink by making account on these websites and sharing link in several ways. Making backlink web 2.0 for your site or blog, you can increase search engine rank. If it is done very well with web 2.0 with low quality then also good ranking is available. I said this, because when I researched web 2.0 in Google then I saw a site of sub domain in the wordpress.com. I have got this site in web 2.0. See link in the following. First is link of that site and next is web 2.0 for that site.

  • A wordpress.com blog site of Google page rank 3
  • A web 2.0 of that site. This has done in Google sites.

Then, web 2.0 has value, it is almost said. I noted one more thing. Alexa rank of that site is 10,486,722! That means traffic is less in that site in Google page rank.

The aim of web 2.0:

The aim of web 2.0 is making backlink. And, link building is done for increasing search engine ranking. If you stay at the first side of search ranking with a good keyword, then the search engine will arrange massive traffics. For all these reasons link building is a process of web 2.0 link building. I wrote some aims of web 2.0 in the following:

  • Doing web 2.0 you can make standard backlink for your website or blog.
  • Doing web 2.0 you can take backlink from high ranking sites.
  • By web 2.0 you will take which backlink that backlinks will help to increase search engine ranking and others ranking.
  • Though web 2.0 doesn’t give so much traffic, but it will arrange massive traffic by search ranking.

How to do web 2.0:

Doing web 2.0 is not such hard matter. But if you do this in wrong rules then it can be penalized. Not only web 2.0 but almost all process of link building have been updated. In 2014 Google algorithm has updated. If you don’t follow all these rules and spam then there is the possibility of penalize. There are given some rules and suggestions of web 2.0 correctly in the following.

  • In this article I will share some site for web 2.0, by searching that in Google, save some web 2.0 sites in Google drive or Microsoft excel file. Then it will be easy to work.
  • Now, visit sites one by one and register with others information including email.
  • How to get backlink from which site, you will understand in this site. Normally seeing that site, you will understand. Then see process in the following.

#1. If that site by making sub domain’s site, they give permission to publish content, then it has to do through content publishing.

#2. There are social site like Google+ or YouTube. Here, you can take backlink from account profile page.

#3. You may publish any article in another format in some site.

  • After making an account, if it is done, then activate the sub domain. In most of the cases it is done. Don’t do sub domain with your keyword. It is better to do with another name or keyword. No need to worry with design. Publish standard article. The article must not be same category like your site’s article. If the keyword is “English language learning blog” then that article will be in “Hindi language learning blog”. At the end of the article, write keyword link in the credit or any other thing. How much backlink you will take from a site of sub domain that much value will increase. So try to not take more than 2 backlink from one sub domain’s site.
  • Some sites don’t give permission to do sub domain. Like in Google+ I, you have to log in by Gmail account and it will be done with a backlink by giving link in profile’s website or in this type section. You will take profile backlink in all social sites like google+. Nothing to say to this. Everybody can do this.

Some sites for doing web 2.0:

wordpress.com – pr9
tumblr.com – pr8
typepad.com – pr8
weebly.com – pr8
blogger.com – pr8
tripod.com – pr8
posterous.com – pr7
jimdo.com – pr7
yola.com – pr7
squidoo.com – pr7
multiply.com – pr7
angelfire.com – pr7
officelive.com – pr7
rediff.com – pr7
wikidot.com – pr7
webs.com – pr7
webnode.com – pr7
salon.com – pr7
edublogs.org – pr6
webspawner.com – pr6
soup.io – pr6
ucoz.com – pr6
travelblog.org – pr6
gather.com – pr6
springnote.com – pr6

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

Thank You…