Transfer Money From Mobile | Best Money Transfer Apps With Cashback


After the Demonetization digital payment has increased in India, Now everyone sends or receives money through digital payments from their mobile or smartphone. But some people don’t know how to transfer money from mobile or smartphone they spend money for online or digital payment.

After lunching jio internet plans are cheaper and faster, for these reasons online money transfer becomes very first and, easy. After this several money transfer apps are launch in India like BHIM, PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay and many more app available on Google Play Store for free. You make a digital or online payment through these apps free of transaction charge and many other benefits.

Using these apps you can transfer money very easily from your mobile, you can also make many types of digital payments, like Electricity bill payment, Gas, DTH, Water and mobile bill etc.

In this article, we provide you 5 best money transfer app for Android. Using these apps you get a lot of benefits and cashback so let’s start.

Best Online Money Transfer Apps for Mobile

How To Transfer Money From Mobile

* First of all, you need a Bank Account.
* Your Bank account must have to link with your mobile number.
* You must have a credit card or debit card of this bank account.
* You must have an Email ID.
* A Money transfer app should be installed on your mobile or smartphone.

You must have needed all the things mentioned above then you able to transfer money from your mobile.

Best Money Transfer Apps 2019

5. PayZapp

PayZapp is one of the best App for money transfer from your mobile or smartphone. You can use all banks like SBI, UBI, PNB, ICICI, Axis, BOB, Central Bank, BOI and many more and can do cashless Payment using your mobile. PayZapp made by HDFC Bank so it is a very secure app if you use PayZapp you will get discount and cashback form it.

4. Bhim

The Bhim App launched by the Indian government to promote cashless payments in India. Bhim app based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) which operated by NPCI, which manages India’s banking system. This app Support 12 language which used in India which You can choose the language of your choice. You can transfer up to 40000 every day and you can transfer up to 20000 in a single transaction.

3. PhonePe

PhonePe is also a great App it works Faster than other apps based on UPI operated by Yes bank. You can add one too many bank accounts on your PhonePe account. PhonePe App also offers many great offers and cashback.

Transfer Money online from mobile
Transfer Money From Mobile using PhonePe app

2. Google Pay

Google Pay is also the best payment app ever it designed and made by Google for Indian people based on UPI. It is created by Google with MultiPle Layers of Security so, it is a completely secure app ever. You can transfer money and earn money by using it. Google offers rewards and offers through this after a transaction you get a scratch card and receive money as a reward or cashback.

Best online payment app for mobile
Google Pay payment app

1. Paytm

Paytm is the best money transfer app in India. Most of the people use Paytm as a digital payment app. Paytm provide a bank account for their all customers. You can add any bank account on Paytm UPI and make the online transaction from your mobile. Paytm provide interesting, big offers and cashback for their customers.