Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum District [Jharkhand, India]


Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum: West Singhbhum is an important tourist destination in the state of Jharkhand. It is popularly known for its numerous religious centres and picturesque natural beauty. This district is bounded on the south by Odisha (Orissa) state. West Singhbhum is the perfect destination, where one can take a break from drudgery daily monotony & simply rejuvenate. Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum. Read this article to know about the best Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum.

Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum District
Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum District

Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum District [Jharkhand, India]

Geographical Location & Communities:-

Geographical location of this district is totally interesting. The tribal and nontribal communities in this region live together and b festivals with unity. If you come here then you will see various beautiful features and you will gather more experience about the history of this district.

  1. Bidri,
  2. Chainpur,
  3. Hirni,
  4. Jagannathpur,
  5. Jojohatu,
  6. Kera,
  7. Lupungutu,
  8. Mahadebsal,
  9. Ponga,
  10. Ramtirtha,
  11. Tholkobad, these all are the major tourist attraction of West Singhbhum district.

Best Time For Visiting:

Winter is the best time to visit this destination because this time you can easily communicate with all places. You can also visit on the day of the occasions which I have mentioned below.


Bidri is a village located in Manjhari Block of West Singhbhum district. The Northern part of this village has a small lake. There is a forest, which is known as Dak Bungalow. If you entire into the dense forest then you will see the scenic beauty of Thakura waterfall.


Chainpur is a village in West Singhbhum. This place is popular for Lord Shiva Temple. The idol of this temple made of black stone which attracts tourist’s eyes. Chaitra Sankaranti and Shiv Chaturdasi is the main festival of this village. During the time of occasion, villagers arranged a grand fair and collect huge numbers of visitors.


Hirni is known as an ideal picnic spot surrounded by dense forest and breath-taking waterfall. This destination is located at a distance of 40 K.M from Chakradharpur.


Jagannathpur is a small village. Located at a distance of 45 K.M from Chaibasa. Jagannathpur named from Jagannath Singh. Jagannath Singh was a King of Porahat. An ancient temple of Lord Shiva is another attraction of this village.

Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum District [Jharkhand, India]


Located at a distance of 20 kilometres from Chaibasa in West Singhbhum. The village is famous for its iron ore mine and chromites deposits.


Kera is a small village of Chakradharpur. Bhagawati temple and Chaitra Sankranti festival is the main attraction of this village. During the time of Chaitra Sankranti occasion, every year here a big fair arranged by the villagers, which collect huge numbers of devotees. Visitors mainly come on the day of occasion to complete their worship and enjoy the festival.


Lupungutu is another village near Chaibasa town. Known as an ideal picnic spot.


Located at a distance of 5 kilometres from Goilkera. The temple of Lord Shiva is the attraction of this village. Mahashivratri is the main festival of this site.


Located near Chakradharpur. “Mangarh” is a ruins place of this village, which is the main attraction for every history lovers. It is also famous for the temple of “Pauri Devi”.


Ramtirtha is one of the popular religious centres of West Singhbhum district. It is popular for its grand fair on the day of Makar Sankranti. According to the mythology, once Lord Ram crossed Baitarni River on the day of Makar Sankranti thus the reason of this fair. It is also famous for a Lord Shiva Temple and a waterfall over the Baitarni River. The waterfall is falling down from a good height.


This place is located maybe 1800 feet from Manoharpur. This small hilly area surrounded by forest and a Sal tree, the main attraction of the forest. Saranda Queen is a Twenty-five feet Sal tree.


Hope this like this article about Tourist Spots in West Singhbhum. So friends don’t waste your time and visit such amazing destination in West Singhbhum, which I have already mentioned.

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