Tourist Spots in Medinipur District [Digha Beach, Dariapur Lighthouse, Jonathan Temple Jhargram, Tamluk and More]


Medinipur is a wonderful tourist Destination of the state of West Bengal. This district is located in the southern part of West Bengal. Medinipur district divided into two parts on 1st January 2002. The west part called West Medinipur or Paschim Medinipur and the other one is called East Medinipur or Purba Medinipur. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Medinipur District. Jhargram, Digha, Shankarpur, Garbetha, Tamluk, Karnagarh, Pathra, Kurumbera Fort, Dero Pargana Temple, Nayagram these all are the attraction of Medinipur District. Most colorful festival of Medinipur District is Durga Puja, Kali puja, Shitala puja, Charak puja, rath Yatra etc. Winter is the best time to visiting Medinipur District.

Location Map of Medinipur District

Location map of Medinipur District

A full list of amazing tourist spots in Medinipur District (West Bengal, India)

Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of tourist spots in Medinipur District. Look at the list of Best spots in below-


Jhargram is a beautiful town for every nature lovers. It is situated in Midnapore District of West Bengal. This popular tourist destination famous for its forest, ancient temple and royal places. Chilkigarh Raj Palace, Deer Park, Ghagra, Jhargram Raj Palace, Kanak Durga Temple, Kankarajhor this all are the prime attraction of Jhargram Town. This all places are collect huge numbers of visitors.

Chilkigarh Raj Palace:

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Chilkigarh Raj Palace is located at a distance of 12 kilometers from Jhargram and 1km from Kanak Durga Temple. This place is known as a historical place. The Longwall around the Palace to protect from Borgi. It is the main tributary of the Subarnarekha. A beautiful garden and a temple are situated inside the Rajbari. It is also an attraction of this old Raj palace. A huge number of people come here to celebrate different festivals, like Holi, Rath Yatra, Durga Puja, etc.

Deer Park:

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The Deer Park of Jhargram is situated about 3kms from Jhargram town. The Deer park also is known as Mini zoo of jhargram. Different types of animals and birds are here. More than 1000 deer are present in this Zoo. This park is an attraction for adult and child both.


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Ghagra is a wonderful tourist destination of Jhargram town. It is situated about 8 kilometers from Belpahari. This site is famous for different types of rocks and beautiful river. Riverside of this place is an ideal picnic spot of this town.

Jhargram Raj Palace:

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Jhargram Raj Palace is an ancient historical palace of Jhargram town. This palace was constructed in 1931 CE and it was designed by the Calcutta improvement trust during the region of raja Narasingha Malla Deb Bahadur. Now the Jhargram Raj Palace is the residence of the Jhargram royal family. This Raj palace is a structure combining the Italian and Islamic architecture model.

Kanak Durga Temple:

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Kanak Durga Temple is situated at a distance of 11 kilometers from jhargram town. This temple was dedicated to Mata Durga.  The famous attraction of this temple is Golden Durga Pratima. This holy temple surrounded by different types of trees and plants.



Kankarajhor is situated near Belphari. It is good adventures spot in Jhargram town. Many tourists come here to enjoying the tracking facilities of this hilly area. Sal, teak, mahua, kendu trees and Deer, bears, rabbits are some of the animals commonly seen in this area.

Digha Beach:

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Digha is the famous Sea Beach in Bengal. It is a nice place for taking bath as well as spending time. Digha beach is divided into two part. One is old Digha and another one is New Digha. Every day huge numbers of visitor collect this beautiful place. This beach is adjacent to local market and hotels. It is one of the best places to relaxing and family gathering. This beach site is too clean because every day it’s maintained very well. Various types of sea foods are available here. Boating and horse riding facilities are also available in this area.

Dariapur Light House:

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Dariapur Light House is another famous tourist destination of Midnapore District. It is situated in Contai, at a distance of 20 meters high structure that was constructed in the year 1943. Kaplkundla mandir also an attraction of this site. Once Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay his famous novel Kapalkundla wrote here.


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Garbeta is a beautiful town in Midnapore District of West Bengal. This place is an awesome geological combination of canyon, caves and river. It is located on the bank of the Shilabati River. So many attractions are here, like the Sarbamangala temple, Mangala Lake, Raghunathji Temple, Uriyasaaier temple, Gangani, Grand Canyon, Jalda fort etc.

Maa Sarbamangala Mandir is situated near Mangala Lake. It is a prime attraction of Gharbheta. Bagri’s Krishnarai ji temple is another important attraction of Midnapore District. It is situated on the left bank of Silaboti River. Grand Canyon of Garbetha is also an important destination for every tourist. Many people come here to spend their time and this place is the ideal picnic spot of Midnapore District. The Natural and charming beauty of this place collects huge numbers of visitors.


Tamluk is the district headquarters of Purba Medinipur District. It is located on the bank of Rupnarayan River. Beautiful features of Tamluk make this place interesting. The main features of this destination are 1150 years old Kali Temple. Tamluk Rajbari, Bargabhima temple, Hamilton School, Rakshit bari this all are the popular spots in Tamluk town.

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Tamluk Rajbari:

Tamluk Rajbari is the witness of 2500 years old history. Tamluk Rajbari is famous for heritage, culture, legacy and antic collection. It was built in 5th century BC by the Mayuradha dynasty. During colonial rule, freedom leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose also arranged an event for freedom struggle in this site.

Bargabhima Temple:

Bargabhima temple is one of the famous temple of Tmaluk, Midnapore. This temple is too old and it’s dedicated to Mata Kali. It was built by Maharajasa of Mayur dynasty. The Bhargabhima Temple is believed to be sculpted by God Viswakarma. According to the mythology, everybody believed that the great Tamralipta port of ancient India was created by Devi Bargabhima.

Hamilton School:

Hamilton is a famous school of ancient India. This great school was founded in Tamluk by Robert Charles Hamilton, Who was the salt merchant in 1852. This second oldest institute of Medinipur is the witness in the educational history of Bengal. This school is famous for the production of great personalities like Ajoy Kr. Mukherjee, Sushil Kr. Dhara, Biswanath Mukherjee, Srish Chandra Bose and Dr. Jadugopal Mukkherjee.

Rakshit bari:

Rakshit bari is situated near Bargabhima Temple of Tamluk. The great Freedom fighter Kshudiram Bose used this place for the meetings with freedom fighters. Everyone said that Kshudiram got inspiration and power from here to fight against British.

Medinipur Town:

Medinipur town is situated on the bank of the Kangsabati River. So many attraction are here in this town. Medinipur town is the habitat of different culture like Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh etc.  Basically, this town is famous for various types of temples and tombs.

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Natun Bazar kali temple:

This oldest holy temple has been constructed in the Pancharatna Style. This unique structure of this temple is collecting huge numbers of devotees. During the time of Kali puja various tourist come here to celebrating the festival from different places.

Tomb of Pir Lohani Baba:

Tomb of Pir Lahani Baba is another important attraction for every tourist. This place is the holy place of Islamic culture. Pir Lohani Baba was a Muslim saint, his real neam was “Amear Khan”, but popularly he was famous as “Pir Lohani”.

Sitala Temple:

Sitala Mandir is another interesting point of Medinipur town. During summer season this temple collects huge numbers of devotees. This old temple was made by the terracotta structure. This temple is popular for its different puja pattern.

Radhakuntajiu temple:

Radhakuntajiu temple is also known as Radhaballavjiu Temple. It is another holy place of Medinipur town. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Radha. The structure of this is so unique and ideal.

Gopegarh Eco Park:

Gopegarh Eco Park is one the popular spots in Medinipur town. This isolated place situated on the bank of river Kangsabati. It is a good relaxing place for visitors. Beautiful nature of this park creates an ideal picnic spot.

Jora Masjid:

The Jora Masjid is also known as twin mosque of Medinipur District.  This two mosque built side by side, with white marble in ancient Islamic architectural style. This place collect huge numbers of visitors during the time of Eid.

Digha Science Center:

Digha Science Centre has many things to display related to science. It is situated Medinipur District. The Biology and Physics are the main sections of this center. This science center especially prime attraction for students. This science center also displays various types of a science-based experiment in a different way. Recent this center newly constructed by the authority for provides lots of information about science, history, and culture and it is maintained very well.

Shankarpur Beach:

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Shankarpur Beach is located between two famous beaches, Digha and Mandarmani. This beach is better than Digha beach. This beach area is short but it is the great place for relaxing. Boating facilities are also available here. The most popular view of this beach side is numerous red crabs shuffling along.


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Pathra is a beautiful village located on the bank of the Kangsabati River, around 10 kilometers away from Midnapore. This village is most popular for its 34 old temples. All temples are present at the time of ancient period which are around 200 years old. Now, this all temples are under the management of Archaeological Survey of India. The archaeological survey of India has already repaired around 18 of the 34 temples. Out of these 34 temples, 250-year-old Navaratna Temple is the largest temple, which is situated on the western bank o river kangsabati. It is around 40 feet high and it has several terracotta structures. Another name of this Navaratna temple is Atchala temple. The Durga Dalan also an attraction for every tourist. Pathra is well known as temples house of Medinipur District. Various types of temples are situated here. Most of the temples in this village are dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu.

Jonathan Temple:

Jonathan Temple is located at Utan lazar in Medinipur District. This Hindu religious holy temple is a wonderful attraction for tourists. It was constructed in the year 1851, at the request of the Ganga Dynasty.


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Karnagarh is a village located around 10 kilometers of Medinipur town. One of the major attraction of this village is a ruins stone fort. It is believed that the beautiful architectural structure of this fort was constructed by Raja karnakeshri of the keshari Dynasty in ancient India. According to the historical records, it is clear that once this fort covered a huge area of Medinipur District.

Kanagarh Village is also famous for many temples. If you come to this spot then you can see many temples of the 17th century in the southern part of this village. All temples of this village are situated separately from other.  The Anadilinga Dandeshwar and Devi Bhagavati Mahamaya are the major attraction of this destination. You can enter in this temple by through three stone Gates.

The Dandeshwar Temple was made by the typical architectural style of Orrisa. This is the second highest Joniith in India. Mahamaya Temple is situated on the left side of Dandeshwar Temple that is dedicated to the Mother Goddess. The middle part of this temple is made in the Saptarath Pida style and the Garbhagriha is made in the Saptarath Sikhar style. The temple preserves a statue of Goddess Mahamaya in a muslin Sari.


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Bahari is a beautiful village of Medinipur District. This village is mainly famous for the ruins of four Buddhist Stupas, namely the Paltikri, Saptikiri, Dhantikiri and Godhantikri. So many ancient villages are situated near Bahiri, like Daulbar, Dihi-Bahiri, Paik- Bari, Budhu- Bahari etc. The ancient ashram of Lord Rama in this village is also an excellent destination for the region.  The bhimsagar, hemsagar and lohitsagar are some of the important lakes of the village. This beautiful nature of this lakeside is the ideal destination for picnic, relaxing and family gathering. Boating facilities are also available in this lakes.


Chandrakona is a town of west Medinipur located between Ghatal and Garhbeta. So many attractions are here like Ramgard and Lalgarh, baroduari, lal jiu Temple, Maleswar Mahadeb Temple etc.

Ramgard and Lalgard:

The prime attraction of this town is Ramgard and Lalgard forts. This two fort was built by Chouhan Kings. The Ramgard fort has an idol of Lord Raghunath jiu was established in the year 1522.  The Lalgard fort has an idol of Girdhar jiu was established in the year 1655. This for was made by 8 metals.


Baroduari is another important attraction of Chandrakona town. The word “Baroduari” means 12 doors. Baroduari was the having place of king Chandra Ketu’s.

Lal jiu Temple:

Lal jiu Temple was made by the king Hariharan’s wife queen lakhanaboti in the year of 1655. It is 60 feet high and considers as one of the highest temples of Medinipur District.

Maleswar Mahadeb temple:

Maleswar Mahadeb temple is situated near Baroduari. The old temple of Maleswar Mahadeb was destroyed by the Kala Pahar. The present temple was newly constructed by the Burdwan king Kirtichandra. The unique structure of this temple attracts many people.

Khirpai Temple:

The Khirpai temple is another important attraction for every tourist. This temple was made by the bricks and terracotta structure. These temple will remains you Murrshidabad’s char bangla temple.

Sobha Singha’s fort:

The old ruins Sobha Singha’s fort is situated at Ramnagar in Chandrakona Village. It is also an attraction of Medinipur district.


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Dantan is a region of Medinipur, which is famous for the ancient temple of Samoleswar Mahadev. It is situated 805 metres away from Danan market. Another attraction of this region is Bidyadhar Puskarani. Bidhyadhar puskarani is a 1600 feet long beautiful lake. Tourist also visits nearby Sarasanka Dighi, which is one of the largest lakes in West Bengal.



Egra is a town of Medinipur, which is famous for the hatnagar Mahadev temple. This temple was built by the king Gajapati Mukundadev. This temple was designed in the Orissa style of architecture. The pond of Krishna Sagar is another important attraction of this city. Nagua kachari is situated to the northwestern side of Krishna Sagar pond. This place is the prime attraction of Medinipur because once here Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay, composed his famous novel “Anandamath”.

Deep Kia’s Chand Stone Pillar:

Deep Kia's Chand Stone Pillar

Deep Kia’s Chand Stone Pillar is an ancient old pillar. It is located on the way to Kultikir from Keshari. Many people suggest many stories about these Pillars. According to the history of this place, local people believe that these stone pillars were made by the tribes in the memory of their ancestors. Some people of this area say that these stone pillars are the ruins of a Shiva temple. But nobody does not know the perfect history of these pillars.

Gobindaji Temple:

Shree Gobindaji Temple is an ancient temple, built by Gopiballavpur’s Goswami family. Many tourists come here to celebrating the Danda festival, during the summer season in the Bengali month of jaistha.

Kurumbera Fort:

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Kurumbera Fort is situated in the ganganeshwar village of Medinipur District. It is located at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Keshiari village. This is an ancient fort preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India under the Ancient monuments act. This fort has several small quarters and temples and surrounded by 10 feet high walls. A holy temple of God Shiva is situated in the middle of this fort that was built between the years 1438 to 1469.  Another major attraction of this place is an ancient mosque, which was built by Muhammad Tahir.

Gard Moyna:

So many beautiful forts are present in Medinipur District, Gard Moyan is one of them. It is belonging at the time of the Moyan Royal family. It is one of most ancient and biggest fort of West Bengal. The entire fort is surrounded by a 150 feet wide moat.

Dero Pargana Temple:

Dero Pargana Temple is one of the important attraction of Medinipur. This temple is enshrined with three idols, namely Madhab, Sagar Madhab and Nil Madhab. All the three idols structure have been made in blue stone, during the time of Buddhist Period. Another major attraction of this region is Navaratna Lake and the Navaratna Temple. It was built by the Majnamutha Jaminder Jqadabram’s Son.


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Nayagram is an isolated block of Paschim Medinipur District that is popular for the Chandrarekha Gard and khelar Gard.  This block is detached from the district by the River Subarnarekha. The most popular attraction of this region is Sahasralinga and Rameshwar Nath temple. This ancient temples of Daulbar village are situated on the southern bank of subarnarekha River. It was built by the king Chandraketu. The Chitra Sankranti and Ganga Bruni are the major festivals of this Temples. During the time of festivals, many people come here to celebrate this occasion. Another attraction of this region is Tapoban, which is located around 3 kilometers away from the Rameshwar Nath temple. Tapoban is a beautiful dense forest covered with greeneries. The forest of this region is full of deer, Elephants, Haynes, Squirrels, different types of birds, rabbits etc.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing destination in Medinipur District, which I have already mentioned.

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