Tourist spots in Katihar District [Bihar, India]


Katihar is one of the famous and populous districts in the state of Bihar. This beautiful destination covered with beautiful temples, lake, Rivers and Maths. Katihar railway station is one of the busiest station in Eastern India. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Katihar District. Gorakhnath Temple, Bagi Math, Goga Lake, Kali Mandir and Ramakrishna Mission Ashram these five places are the major attraction of Katihar District. Katihar is also popular for its intense devotion and spirituality. Winter is the best time for visiting Katihar District.

Location Map of Katihar District


Places of attraction in Katihar District

Gorakhnath Temple:

Gorakhnath temple is one of the most visited places in Bihar District. If you go to visit this temple then you find huge numbers of devotees, who come here from the different places. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This statue of Lord Shiva here known as Goraknath Mahadev. The idol of Lord Shiva is adorned with flowers and ornaments. The main attraction of this temple is a beautiful statue of Lord Shiva. Every year during the time of Mahashivratri this place became a crowded place and lots of visitors come here to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva.

Bagi Math:

Bagi math in katihar District

Bagi Math is a wonderful place in Bagi village. This place is popular as spiritual spot. When you come to this place then you fell the intense devotion, faith and spirituality. This silent place is really unbelievable and best spot for meditation. In this Math has beautiful 108 rooms which are built for various spiritual activities. If you want to free your mind, enhance your spiritual levels and want to fell relaxation then I will suggest you this place is the best place for you.

Goga Lake:

So many beautiful and largest wetlands are present in Bihar district, Goga Lake is one of them. This lake spread over an area of 217 acres. Amazing nature of this lake attracts huge numbers of visitors. This lake directly linked with the Ganga and Mahananda River by through the tributaries during the time of monsoon season.  This lake is famous as an inhabitant of various animals and birds. Various species of floras and faunas are present here and now this lake has a potential to develop as a national park. Goga Lake is also popular for various types of birds. This site is known as the temporary habitat for many migratory birds. Every year huge numbers of migratory birds from different countries and coastal areas visit in this beautiful lake. This place also famous as a picnic spot.

Kali Mandir:

Kali Mandir is famous for its historical importance. This temple is dedicated to goddess Kali Mata. The idol of Kali Mata is adorned with flowers and ornaments. This temple is beautifully decorated and various unique structure inscribes on the wall of this temple. Diwali is the main festival of this village. During the time of the festival, this temple collects huge numbers of devotees from the different places.

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram:

Ramakrishna Mission Ashram is one of the spiritual spots such as Bagi Math. Ramakrishna Mission is a renowned monastery situated in the Katihar district of Bihar. This ashram was constructed in the year 1925. This temple provides relief to plague and malaria patients. After its establishment, this holy Ashram struggled for its own existence and now this ashram is too popular in all over India for its intense devotion. This ashram expresses the principles of ancient Vedanta in the modern idiom. Devotees come to this place from the different parts of this country.

Others places of interest in Katihar district are Badi Durga Mandir, Baironath Biswakarma Mandir, Katihar Junction, flood-prone village, Durgastna etc.

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