Top 5 Photoshop alternatives for Graphics designers or Web Designers


Everyone like Photoshop, I know it is mother software for graphics designing. But today, I’ll tell you to top 5 Photoshop alternative software for Graphic designers. So, this posts only for graphic designers or photo editors.

Best software for Graphics Designer or Web Designers

best software for Graphics Designer or Web Designers

In my previous post, I told about a web designing software, the name of this software is “Artisteer“.  You can try “Artisteer” for designing web template. But, if you want to edit a photo or if you want to design a template like a professional, then you can try these Top 5 Photoshop alternative software.

1# Webflow

Excellent software for a Web designer. “WEBFLOW” allows creating a web template. No coding knowledge requires for creating with Webflow. “WEBFLOW” is used to create Bootstrap Grid related responsive web template without any coding knowledge. You can design your template in drag and drop method. Very easy to design a stander web template.


2# Avocode

Bridge between designers and developers. A unique software for PSD to HTML converter. It cannot be anything better than this. It supports PSD file, so you can create with Photoshop and edit with “Avocode“. You can also convert any PSD file into HTML & CSS format in a moment. “Avocode” allows to convert any image into SVG format.

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3# Macaw

 The “Macaw” is used to create web layout and used to design web element. Actually, it is used to create column, block, frame, positioning. You can also adjust typography. PSD files supported in Macaw. Create and converts to the responsive template in HTML and CSS format.


4# Sketch

Professional and digital designing with Sketch. Perfect software for designing web and graphics. Built-in greed system for exporting vector image. No tension, if you design with Sketch.


5# Antetype

Development of creativity, Antetype is a vector type application, used to create visual interactive element.  As well as, gradient, drop shadow, inner shadow, test shadow, border shadow, rounded corner, etc. Actually, Antetype used to design amazing, responsive templates like a professional.



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