Top 5 PC To Mobile Calling Free Software


Top 5 Software to Call PC to Mobile Easily

Hey, Everyone, Without having balance in our mobile phone, we can’t call anyone. Is not it??? Did you ever find yourself in the circumstances of zero balance when it’s urgent to call someone? Being a prepaid user, it’s being very common to run out of balance on phone. Don’t worry, Because Today in this post I am going to share Top 5 Software, that helps you to call from your PC to Mobile.

Have you ever think about calling someone from PC to mobile or landline around any corner of the world? Yes, you can make free voice calls from PC to mobile in any country for absolutely free but just all you need is an Internet connection.

Things that you require to make calls from PC to Mobile are working Microphone and headphone and high-speed Internet Broadband connection.

5 Best PC to Mobile Calling Software

PC to Mobile Calling Software

Although there are lots of application and software available online, But most of them does works properly. But we have done some research and sharing with you best PC to mobile calling software that you might require, so don’t get annoyed if you are out of balance just use calling software, have a look.

1. Google Voice:

Google Voice is a web-based communication software that provides you to make calls from your laptop or PC. The software is available to all Gmail users as it is styled to Gmail and lets you make PC to PC video calls, PC to phone calls and audio calling and more.

Besides this application also allows you to use voicemail, free text messaging, call history, call blocking, voice transcription, conference calling and many more. So, just go for it.

2. Globe7:

Globe7 is a free application that enables you to make free calls from PC to PC, PC to mobile, PC to a landline. The application provides you with free calling a phone number to make a call and enables you to receive incoming calls from any phone. Globe7 gives features other than calling like video calling, Mobile news, breaking news, video clips, video chat, latest movie trailers, and free 1GB space to share files with your friends. So, If you are looking for a software or application to call from your PC To Mobile then you can try Globe7 software for sure.

3. PC-Telephone:

In this countdown, I have placed PC-Telephone at the 3rd position. PC-Telephone is a standalone software application that gives you with calling services such as telephony and various others communication networks including the Internet, Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Etc.

PC-Telephone supports free high-quality voice calls from PC-to-PC, PC to phone or fax calls over the Internet. It also provides audio conferencing, call answering, call recording, call forwarding, call accounting and more.

4. iCall:

iCall is PC software that provides you a fast and easy way to make calls directly from your computer. iCall provides you a quick way to get in touch with your friends and family by calling feature and superior HD video calls. In order to make calls from iCall, first you need to create a personal account once iCall installed on your system.

iCall provides cost-saving benefits and lets you enjoy free-calling from your laptop or desktop with an Internet connection. You can make completely free calls to anywhere in the world.

Apart from voice and video calls, iCall lets you communicate with your, family, friends and colleagues through chatting directly from its user-friendly interface without any special tool.

5. FreeCall:

FreeCall allows you to make calls from your PC to any mobile at any corner of the world. With FreeCall you can stay connect with your friends and loved ones who are important to you without worrying about high phone bills. You will get free peer-to-peer calls and low-cost text messages.

FreeCall is easy to use and provides several ways to calls like just double-click on any username in your contact list, use the dial pad to make calls like just you do in a regular phone.

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Even if you are not online, Globe7 Follow me enables to redirect the call to your landline or mobile and also lets you receive voicemails when you are not able to answer the calls. Globe7 fulfill all your requirements that you might need along with calling features.