What do you think about fire?

Hello friends. Happy winter session, enjoy this cool weather with care and make other Happy. Today I will discuss with you about fire. I don’t know what do you think about fire? But today I’ll tell you my opinion about fire.


Fire is a triangle of three things. It has hit, oxygen and fuel or burning materials.

types of fire

Fires are five types:

  • The first one is general fire. It occurs generally around us.
  • Second one is Electric or Electrical fire. It is related to electricity. Due to short-circuit it occurs.
  • Third one is oil fire. It related to oil, when oil burns.
  • Next one is gas fire. It is related to gas, when gas burns.
  • Last one is metal or metallic fire. It is related to heavy metals, due to collision two heavy metals it occurs.

In my conclusion, I like to say that fire is very dangerous. So please save yourself from fire and make this festival memorable.