Full forms of some Technology Related Things (Important for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk/NET/SET etc)


Hello friends! How are you? Today I will share about full names of some Technology Related Things. This all names are most important which are actually we used everywhere, but we don’t know any words full form. So today I will prepare a full list of this all Technology Related Things.

Full forms of some Technology Related Things (Important for IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk/NET/SET etc)

Full names of some Technology Related Things

These all Technology Related Things are too important for every competitive exam and others examination. So friends, let’s have a look at this list and know the all information which you don’t know. Important Technology Related Things were given below, which was more expected GK questions in Upcoming IBPS/SBI/PO/Clerk/NET/SET etc exam. Candidates those who are preparing for those exams can make use of it.

List are Below:

Wi-Fi— Wireless Fidelity.
 HTTP— Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
 HTTPS— Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure.
 URL— Uniform Resource Locator.
 IP— Internet Protocol
VIRUS— Vital Information Resource Under Seized.
 SIM— Subscriber Identity Module.
 3G— 3rd Generation.
 GSM— Global System for Mobile Communication.
 CDMA— Code Divison Multiple Access.
 UMTS— Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
 RTS— Real Time Streaming
AVI— Audio Video Interleave
 SIS— Symbian OS Installer File
AMR— Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
 JAD— Java Application Descriptor
 JAR— Java Archive
 MP3— MPEG player lll
3GP— 3rd Generation Project
 AAC— Advanced Audio Coding
 GIF— Graphic Interchangeable Format
 BMP— Bitmap
JPEG— Joint Photographic Expert Group
 SWF— Shock Wave Flash
 WMV— Windows Media Video
 WMA— Windows Media Audio
WAV— Waveform Audio
 PNG— Portable Network Graphics
 DOC— Document (Microsoft Corporation)
 PDF— Portable Document Format
M3G  — Mobile 3D Graphics
 M4A— MPEG-4 Audio File
 THM— Themes (Sony Ericsson)
 MMF— Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
 NRT— Nokia Ringtone
XMF— Extensible Music File
 WBMP— Wireless Bitmap Image
 HTML— Hyper Text Markup Language
WML— Wireless Markup Language
 CD— Compact Disk.
 DVD— Digital Versatile Disk.
 CRT — Cathode Ray Tube.
 DAT— Digital Audio Tape.
 DOS— Disk Operating System.
 GUI— Graphical User Interface.
 ISP— Internet Service Provider.
 TCP— Transmission Control Protocol.
UPS— Uninterruptible Power Supply.
 HSDPA— High Speed Downlink Packet Access.
GSM- [Global System for Mobile Communication] VHF— Very High Frequency.
UHF— Ultra High Frequency.
GPRS— General Packet Radio Service.
WAP— Wireless Application Protocol.
 ARPANET— Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
 IBM— International Business Machines.
 HP— Hewlett Packard.
 WLAN— Wireless Local Area Network
 USB— Universal Serial Bus.

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You can download and also read this list and prepared for your exam. Best of Luck………………

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