There is also real-fake in iPhone


Apple is an institution of Giant Technological Construction. And commodity of this Apple is the iPhone. And many people like this iPhone. But if that iPhone is fake, then you will get hurt.

How to know if your Apple iPhone is Original Or Duplicate?


Let’s know the ways to find real or fake iPhone.  

#1. Notice buttons:

There is Slip/Walk button which is right side at the top of real iPhone. And volume switches are left side at the top. If there is a button on the iPhone, which is out of design, then you have to understand phone is fake.

#2. Structure of screw:

Pant lobe is used in real iPhone. Fake iPhone has a normal cross screw. So watch screw for knowing real or fake iPhone easily.

#3. Look at the screen:

Screen resolution of real iPhone will be clear and you will see screen from all sides. There is not so much clear display in fake iPhone.

#4. See the sign of Apple in the back part:

As iPhone is a material of Apple, so there is an  Apple logo behind each iPhone. If there is no Apple logo in phone’s back part then the phone is not real.

#5. Check Serial No:

Enter in the settings option of the iPhone. Select “General” and touch “About”. A serial no will be shown there. Now enter “I Apple website”. If your iPhone is real then give your serial no in option. If the website can’t identify serial no then you have to understand this iPhone is fake.

#6. Check Memory:

Look up the phone’s back over, is not there memory card slot or beside? If it is, then for make sure the phone is fake. IPhone doesn’t have an extra memory card slot. Fixed memory has iPhone memory of 16, 32 or 64 GB.

#7. Check Welcome Screen:

On iPhone. At the time of switch on, the “Welcome” is written on the first screen, then that set is fake. There is sign of Apple at the time of activating phone in real iPhone. There is an icon for entering iPhone store after switch on. Touch that icon. If Google takes you in the store, then that phone is fake.

#8. Check out the Siri App:

This Apps work only in real iPhone. It can’t run on fake iPhone.

#9. Enter into iTunes:

Connect iPhone to computer or laptop. Try to enter into mobile with iTunes software. If it is entered, then the phone is real.

#10. Judge Price:

If there is so much difference in price of iPhone then you can understand phone is not real.

#11. Check Font:

Going into the message option of the iPhone, check the font. If iPhone has Chinese font, then the phone is not real.

#12. See how many SIM cards can be used:

SIM card can’t be used more than one on the iPhone. If there is the option of using SIM more than two on the iPhone, then certainly phone is fake.

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