If you don’t want to loss information of Security of the iPhone


Password is essential for security of smartphones. But if you don’t know the security of the iPhone, then it might be suicidal for the result of searching. If you gave the wrong password for six times, then information of your phone will be missing. Normally troubles have been made by this between Apple and FBI. Anyway, it was one side. If the phone is lost or becomes ineffective, then information can be missed forever. So we need to take precautions beforehand.

How to protect iPhone?


Data Backup:

In this case the solution is Iclied. But many people can get fear to preserve information by seeing published news in Iclied in the past. ITunes is the best dependable as an alternative, for any type of Data. Connecting iPhone to computer, active iTunes. You will set from settings tab which type of Data you will backup. There is also chance of Data encryption for more security.

Data Restoration:

If the phone falls into the hands of someone else, then you can delete all information from Iclied in that case. That might be automatic if you gave the wrong password again and again. If you got back that phone or you can sink iPhone by activating iTunes with computer for recovery old information in any new iPhone. It can also be done from Iclied.

Password Manager:

Forgot your password, lost your data, you have saved it again. Now then? But there is no way recently to escape from password of a smartphone. There is not the same mistake again so you can use the password manager app. If you remember master password, then the application will handle that.