The Solution of Invalid IMEI Problem of Android Smart Phone


Hi!!! How are you? I am fine. Today, I am sharing on another topic for you. The name of the topic is: The Solution of Invalid IMEI Problem of Android Smart Phone.

We set route for many reasons. Either we do custom route flush or if the set bricks, then we do Stock ROM Flush or if the set does not route, then we reset so many rooted and non-rooted devices. (Android in advance of the experts, etc. should not be without.) For doing this work, so many people face a common problem such as Invalid IMEI Problem. According to the experts, after setting routes, the three works must be done: 1. To take IMEI Backup. 2. To give Custom Recovery (Like CWM Recovery) flushes 3. To take Stock ROM Backup. But after setting a route, so many people have forgotten to take IMEI Backup. As a result, Invalid IMEI Problem occurs.

N.B: There are many methods on the net, but I think that this method is simple. My site is non-rooted, so this method is tested, but the rooted users, you can try to do this. This approach is totally safe, I have succeeded by trying this method, so everyone can be assured. This method is fully for expert users and others will try to do at your own risk. Please follow the procedures described in the past, but if the phone of anyone is hurt, then there is no responsible for author.

The Solution way of Invalid IMEI Problem:


  1. Open Phone Dialer and enter *#*#3646633#*#*. By entering this you will enter ‘Engineer Mode’ of the device.

If you do not access the ‘Engineer Mode’ please follow the instruction below:

a. Download this app from play store & open it you will enter ‘Engineer Mode’:

Engineering Mode



















2.  App name: MTK Engineering Mode


MTK Engineering Mode

Play Store Link:

Note: “False command in engineer mode can cause damage Your Phone”
Open the app
2. Go to Connectivity menu.

Engineer Mode

3. Go to CDS Information


Engineer Mode 4

4. Go to Radio Information


Radio Information

5. Select Phone 1 (if you have a dual SIM supported device,  then you will see 2 options like Phone 1 & Phone 2)


Phone 1

6. Tap on “AT+” (you will see the top of the screen “AT+”)


Radio Information

7. Remove the + (Keyboard will appear).

8. Insert the + again (You will see some suggestions select 1st suggestion AT+EGMR=1,7,””)


Radio Information 8

9. Inset your device’s 15 digit IMEI-1 between this “”


Radio Information 9



















Radio Information 10




















10. Click “SEND AT COMMAND” & Click the back button.

11. You are done

For IMEI-2 Same as like IMEI-1

For 2nd imei number type after AT+EGMR=1,10,”IMEI_2″ (put your 15 digit 2nd imei number in place of “IMEI_2”.


Click “SEND AT COMMAND” & Click the back button.

Reboot your device.

Note: After clicking on Send it Command if you get any error message such as: ” The command is Allowed in userBuild” then write + after adding space before AT. For Example: AT + 

WARNING: IMEI number always put on your own mobile. The use of the other IMEI number of other mobile is a punishable offense.   

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