The Process to Make your SmartPhone Fast and Smooth


Hi!!!! I am back with a bang. Today, my topic is: The Process to Make your SmartPhone Fast and Smooth.

How to run a SmartPhone smoothly?

Smart Phone is the inseparable part in our life. But, the smart phone has some problems. Frequently, it is very common matter that the device is going to hang. It has no recovery process, but, if you follow some steps, then you keep your device fast and smooth.

run smartphone smoothly

The things you need to know:

First: So many people use some apps to fast the device. To me, it is not good to use it. They allocate the spaces of RAM.

Second: Launcher, theme, icon pack, widgets use so many spaces of RAM. So many launcher uses less RAM. But, if your amount of RAM is less, then it is very good to not to use.

Third: So many apps in the recent panel are one of the reasons for slowing the device. So, you must try that without he required apps, you must close the recent panel after using the other apps. It is very good to clear the recent panel.

Fourth: If you use a handset for many days, then so many pressure stores on the phone and if you do not clean these then as a result, your handset is going to slow.

Fifth: If the device is rooted then so many people use swap RAM or use virtual RAM. Mind it; you cannot get advantage if the memory card is good. To use these, you must use class 10 memory cards. 

Sixth: There are so many rooted apps by which you can under lock and over lock the processors. So many people mistake by without understand. You know about the rooted app before using rooted app.

Apple Smartphone

For keeping fast and smooth device, you must be doing some steps:

  1. You reboot or restart your handset after 2-3 days.
  2. You close the apps of reset panel.
  3. If you use the internet in your device in regular basis, then you clear cookies, cache, and browser history and you also clean unnecessary files, junk file, and thumbnail cache.      
  4. You keep abstaining from installing more apps.
  5. If the amount of RAM is less, then you are requested to keep abstaining yourself from more works.

Thank You!

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