Let’s come and make Movie DVD Right/DVD Disk. Like that buying a DVD of Rifles Square. An overwhelming tech tune like dreams come true.


There was trying for many days to match downloaded movies with buying a DVD of rifles. How hundred exams was there about this matter. But after much searching, which I have thought it is the easiest and the best profitable thing, that’s why I shared.

Let’s know how to Make Movie DVD Right/DVD Disk?


For this software will need first of all. But most of the software we buy. It is a problem of cracking and fracking in buying software. So open source type software is good. Among open source software, the best is DVD Flick. With the help of DVD flick you will see Movie DVD in any DVD player. Even sitting from the drawing room.

In this way which DVD you will do, it is called authoring. It is not like your Nero. You can’t see Nero’s burned DVD in DVD player. For this you have to take the help of authors DVD software. And like that authored DVD software is DVD Flick.

Now I will describe all steps one by one with which you will make DVD like DVD of rifles.

Step 1:

At first download DVD Flick software. And then install. Then you have to do that is you have to see the downloaded video file has in which format. Most of file is AVI, MVK, 3gp etc. Format. With this format you can’t make a DVD. Then what is to do? Which you have to do that is you have to encode downloaded files in a MPEG-2 format. Iwisoft is good between convertor which I have seen. By downloading and installing it you have converted that file.

Step 2:

You will see after installing software window will open. Here click adds the title of left side and you will add your favourite encoded movie.


Then click on edit title and then follow the rest process.


You can change Thumbnail time index according to your wish.


You can give chapter according to your wish. But kindly you will not give fraction.


Then comes video sources.


Here you can add other video file. Like in animation type. But your format has to be same, you will watch that side. Pixel aspect default is same.

You can add extra audio if you want in the audio tracks.

Then comes subtitle.


Here adding subtitle you can change, add according to your wish. By downloading subtitle you will add.

Step 3:


Now what you have to do that is you have to configure the settings of DVD Flick. You will see after install project seating on the upper side. Here you will click. You will get General Tab title.


You can give name on it. It is same like Pushkin’s DVD. Then comes target aspect ratio. According to size of buying a DVD, you can set.

Give encoder normal. If it is finished, then click ok and come out. Then you will click on the video tab. Here you can format as you wish in the target format. But most of format is NTSC. Keep encoding normal.


Target bit-rate auto fit. Then going to advance option you can change it as you wish.

Then gradually comes audio, playback tab.


You will keep like it has. Coming to burning you can change an ISO image if you wish. Then click ok and come out.


Step 4:

Now the menu will be set for adding files. For that you have to click menu settings in upper. Then choosing menu, you can ok according to your wish.


Step 5:


Then clicking in creating DVD, you will start to make a DVD.


Keep in mind:

1. When you added movie at the time of burn, that time bit rate is 3000 kbit/s or more than it.


2. The format of the video will be same.

Ok. Today is no more. We will meet with other trick. Visit from my site if you like it.

Thank you.