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Bargaining Techniques and Haggling Tips

Hello Guys, Want to save on that new car reduce the price on your phone bills or perhaps you just want to get more when you sell your older unneeded stuff. Today I promise to teach you 20 tips on how to bargain in negotiating these tips will be about having the right mentality preparation practical techniques precautions and what not to do and some scripts and structure to get you started including my favorite phrase. So without going forward let’s move to the main topic on 20 Techniques to Bargain and Negotiate | Haggling Tips.

How to Bargain and Negotiate?

It is a challenging situation when you are at the shop or anywhere when comes to Bargain and Negotiates with the seller. Most of the people do not know how to bargain with the seller or shop owner to save money. It is good practice to haggle at the time to purchase any products. But, Don’t worry because today in this quick and simple guide I am presenting 20 tips on How to haggle or Bargain.

20 Tips and Techniques to Bargain and Negotiate

Techniques to Bargain and Negotiate
Techniques to Bargain and Negotiate

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Tip 1. Don’t Feel Bad or Embarrassed :

Some people feel bad for negotiating they don’t speak up and just accept the price that’s been handed to them. So don’t feel bad or embarrassed like you’re cheap. Because if it’s done the right way you’ll feel great and save a lot of money.

Tip 2. Do Your Research:

Do research on the product if you can quote the prices of the competition to the person you’re making a deal with. You will have the upper hand and they will be more likely to compromise. It helps to bring proof so get ready to pull your phone and show their competitor’s website. Believe me, nobody wants to lose business or competitor. So try this to reduce your interests on your credit cards gym memberships phone bills or when you go shopping find what you think is a fair price and then aim to lower it by like 10%. If you’re buying or increase it if you’re selling.

Tip 3. Determine Your Cheapest Price or Worst Case Scenario:

Number three is to determine your cheapest price or worst case scenario. Before you even negotiate to make sure you know what’s the price that you will without a doubt refuse to accept. Because if you’ve ever agreed to something and the next that you’ve regretted it. Then you know exactly what I’m talking about. So if someone is getting you to cross this line be willing to confidently walk away and perhaps do more research or just go to a different place.

Tip 4. Who Should Make the First Offer:

Number 4 is to know who should make the first offer. If you’re prepared and did your research then make the first offer now. If you’re buying make it low enough that they’ll say no but not so much that they think you’re crazy. Because you’ll always wonder if you could have gone lower if you don’t pick something low and they accepted immediately.  But if you’re not prepared then let them make the first offer. Just make sure you don’t accept it and counteroffer a better price for you knowing you’ll probably meet somewhere in the middle.

Tip 5. Build Rapport or Connection:

Number 5 is to build rapport asking for their name and using it often can help build rapport people end to love hearing their own names. Also, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of small talk and trying to find something you guys have in common because it’s much harder to take advantage of you if they like and connect with you.

Tip 6. Try to get Add-ons

Number six is to try to get add-ons if the price is non-negotiable or they’ve gone as low as they can already then see if they can throw in things like free delivery or free accessories. Like if you’re negotiating your salary ask for more vacation time or if you can work from home the point is don’t always just focus on the price.

Tips 7. Ask the Speak to Someone Higher:

Number seven is to ask the Speak to someone higher there might be someone higher who can listen to your complaints and give you a better deal. But do your best to be friendly because no one wants to negotiate with a fool.

Tip 8. Go Under the Table:

Number eight is to go under the table on eBay I’ll sometimes message the sellers and ask if they want to bypass eBay and just use PayPal because remember they have to pay eBay too. So they’ll save money as well or it won’t make much of a difference worst case scenario they’ll say no but it’s definitely worth asking especially if they just want to really get rid of their stuff. Also whenever possible try to pay by cash they might save money by not having to pay transaction fees on credit cards and they might not charge you tax if you get under the table.

Tip 9. Cash Says You’re Serious:

Number nine cash says you’re serious, take out cash to show you’re serious about buying and talk about your competitors. So if the price can’t be agreed upon and you walk away there’s a chance that they’ll give in because like I mentioned in tip number two they don’t want you going to their competitors. But if the person has a monopoly and has the best price in town then another strategy is to consider playing dumb during the negotiations. Because if the person knows you’ve done your research then most likely they’ll know you’ll come crawling back.

Tip 10. Match Their Body Language:

Number 10 is to match their body language, If possible scope the area first and pay attention to match the body language and enthusiasm of the person you’ll be negotiating with. This is easy to do as you can just say you’re browsing if anyone tries to help you. So watch them interact with other customers and ask yourself do they have high energy or are they low and calm this way you can match them later matching your body language tells the person, hey we’re on the same page we have the same mindset so let’s both be happy with the end results.

Tip 11. Learning Away Technique:

Number 11 is the leaning away technique. Start your negotiations leaning in and when you disagree with the pricing slightly lean your body back subconsciously the pickup that they aid something you don’t like and the negotiations might even start tipping your way you should, So watch their body language in case they’re doing the same for more on body language. It’s very important in sales and negotiations.

Tip 12. The Power of Silence:

Number twelve is the power of silence can create pressure it can make people feel uncomfortable and make them crack. So if they throw in a price you disagree with or right after you challenge them on something and they respond consider pausing for an extra two to three seconds longer than usual like you’re not impressed.

Tip 13. Understanding The Situation:

Number thirteen is understanding the situation is the negotiations and necessity or is it just an opportunity ask yourself. If one or both parties can walk away from the deal in a  divorce. For example, an agreement is required from both parties because you’ll have more power in negotiations. If you know the person needs what you’re offering right now sometimes people just want to get rid of their stuff like for Craigslist. You could just arrive at their place and simply say listen I know you asked for fifty dollars but all I got is 40 right now do you want it?, and many times they’ll say yes without arguing.

Tips 14. Regular Customer:

Number 14 is to mention if you are a regular customer and if you come to shop almost every day and if you’re dealing with your phone provider tell them how long you’ve been loyal to them or if you’re not a regular customer then give them the impression you’ll be a regular customer or that you’ll have future deals.

Tips 15. Have An Escape Plan:

Number fifteen is to have an escape plan if you really can’t sell on an agreement then always have an escape plan. Especially if you don’t want to be rude and just leave like just tell the person you have a meeting or an appointment to go to.

Tips 16. Never Ever Tell Them the Bottom Line:

Telling people your worst case scenario from tip number three can change what was a win-win situation for a loss for them don’t tell them at the beginning middle and certainly none at the end.

Tip 17. Don’t Physically Hold the Item:

Tip number 17 while you’re negotiating don’t physically hold the item you want to buy because you’ll be less effective this can cause you to be biased and the seller thinks it’s already yours. On the other hand, if you’re selling try to get the person to hold the object or try out the product.

Tip 18. Don’t Salami Yourself:

If you’re selling and bundling things services don’t break down the prices for each item just give the total price and say what it includes or what you’re going to do otherwise people might ask to remove certain items that they don’t want or could get cheaper somewhere else. But if you’re buying then try to salami the person so you get only what you need.

Tips 19. Explanation and Then Price:

Next to help get you started practice giving a reason and then offering a price that’s really expensive for this old place. I was thinking more like 50,000 the other store has this for just 60 bucks would you take it for 40. I’ve been a customer for two years could you reduce my bills to $60 you might be going back and forth for a while and some negotiations can take out as even. So try to save your best arguments.

Tip 20. Favorite Phrase:

Now after you’ve done all you can to get the best offer to try to get one last punch by asking is that the best you can do practice this in the mirror using different inflection points is that the best you can do is that, remember a lot of people are bad in negotiations. So just even upping your skills by a little who are giving yourself a big advantage allowing you to save a lot but I’m always trying to improve my negotiation skills myself.


Don’t Forget to try all these methods at the time of buying anything in future. Be alert be smart. So let me know in the comments below what’s your best negotiation tip thanks for reading if you like this article don’t forget to share with your friends.

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