5 Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions


Best PayPal Alternatives For Online Transactions 2018

Hello Everyone. I have been a PayPal Account user for almost five years, and I love this Online Transactions site as it is very secure and best choice Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions. All we know that PayPal may be the most widely used online transaction service, but that doesn’t mean it has no bad sides. Paypal is not available in some countries, and its fee is quite large for international transactions as compared to other online transactions site. Not to mention the PayPal’s habit of blocking accounts for the least of the reasons.

There are many Paypal alternatives for making online transactions. Below I have mentioned Top 5 of the best PayPal alternatives Bloggers and Freelancers that make online money transfer easier.

Best Alternative Sites to Paypal: 2018 Online Money Transaction

Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions

I’m making this list exclusive for bloggers and freelancers, but if you are a small business, I would love to know what tool you are using to send or receive payment from overseas.

So, let’s start with our grand list of best PayPal alternatives:

1) Payoneer

Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions

Payoneer is one of the oldest services for global payment, and now they are available in countries like India, Pakistan, and many more. Although Payoneer is quite different from PayPal, it is still a great online transaction method. Payoneer will let you receive money from the U.S. & European countries. Payoneer works through a Payoneer Mastercard that is sent to your home for free with a yearly maintenance fee of $25 (charged at the end of the year). The best part about Payoneer is the transaction fees are lower and because of this, you will end up saving a lot of money.

Signing up for Payoneer is free, and once you have done a transaction of $1000 using Payoneer, you will get a bonus of $25. Free transactions between two Payoneer accounts. 2% fee for withdrawing money via ATM.

  • Free Mastercard.
  • Easily receive money from popular companies.
  • No fee for transactions between Payoneer accounts.
  • Cheap withdrawal fee.
  • It’s difficult to fund Payoneer card as local bank can’t be attached.

2)  PayZa.com

Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions

PayZa is another famous money transfer service that you might have heard of. It is a great alternative to PayPal & Even better than PayPal in many cases. They are also preferred by many ad companies to pay bloggers & publishers. Besides, adding a lot of services to collect cryptocurrencies. Here are few highlights of PayZa that I personally like:

  • Sell Bitcoins
  • Offers Android app.
  • Send Bitcoins to other Payza users
  • Accept payment & withdrawal using Bitcoin (haven’t used it myself, but it will be handy for many).
  • Supports personal & business accounts.
  • Exchange existing money into Bitcoins
  • Free to set up an account & no monthly or yearly fees.
  • Supports Nigeria, Pakistan & 190+ other countries.
  • Offers prepaid card (Mastercard) that you can use as a credit card or withdrawal funds at an ATM. It’s pretty useful for every netizen.

You can create a free account or business account depending upon your need. They take great measures to ensure the security of your account & this is something which anyone who is paranoid about safety will love.

3) Skrill

5 Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions

Skrill is very comparable to PayPal in working. This online transaction site is a very famous alternative for PayPal & Payoneer because of their currency conversion rates. You attach a bank account or debit/card to your Skrill account and send/receive money. The service only charges 1.9% fee for a transfer between Skrill wallets.

It’s still quite less than PayPal and there are no dedicated rates for different countries/currencies1.9% fixed fee on transactions with each currency conversion in the process costing 3.99% fee.

  • Low fee on same currency transfers.
  • Has a dedicated Prepaid Mastercard.
  • Many stores support Skrill payment.
  • Currency conversion can be a real problem.
  • May require extra verification to increase maximum wallet limit.

4) TransferWise

5 Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions5 Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions

TransferWise is one of the great choices If you are looking for Best Alternative Sites to Paypal for international transactions. You might prefer TransferWise over PayPal because of their low transaction fees & currency conversion charges.

For any transaction, TransferWise simply charges 1% of the total amount transferred with the minimum being $3, it’s almost 1/3 of the fee that PayPal charges. You’ll get a comprehensive dashboard to manage all your transactions in multiple currencies and even make automatic payments. 1% fee on all transactions with minimum $3 fee on all personal transactions.

  • Mid-market conversion rate.
  • Reliable business account.
  • Extremely low international money transfer fee.
  • Easy to use, and the receiver doesn’t need an account.
  • Supports many countries where PayPal is unavailable or limited, like Bangladesh, India or Pakistan.
  • Only supports international money transfer.

5) Xpress Money

5 Alternatives To PayPal For Bloggers and Freelancers Online Transactions

Xpress Money is one of the most used very popular online transaction service If you are looking for Best alternatives option of PayPal 2018. It is a good option for cheap money transfer between 165+ countries. Understanding the fee structure can be a little difficult, but their Currency Converter can do all the calculations for you.

The fee depends on from where you are sending the amount, but usually, it’s anywhere between 1-2% of the total amount. On top of that, if the amount is big enough, then there will be no fee at all (depends on sent currency). For example, the transactions are free for AUD currency if it’s above AUD 300.

Xpress Money also offers multiple ways to receive the amount. You can get a cash pick from near client (over 200,000 agents worldwide), receive in a bank account, or even get it transferred to your doorstep for free. All is depending on receiving method it could take anywhere from 2-5 days to receive money.

  • Cheap rates.
  • Many ways to receive money.
  • Over 80 currencies supported.
  • Online account is limited to few countries.
  • The fee structure is hard to understand.


Most of these services offer better services for international money transfer, but Skrill is a good solution if you want to exchange money in the same currency. TransferWise is the cheapest solution on this list, but if you are looking to receive money from a company then we recommend you to try Payoneer.

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