Talking Software by Using Notepad : Make Speaking Software on PC


Come on friends, Let us fun with notepad, Let us talk with notepad. I think all of you know about notepad for these I don’t want to talk about notepad software. Today Notepad will talk with you. Are you ready to make a conversation with notepad?  Now your computer will talk with you.

Please check my previous post before it starts. How to add speak option in Microsoft Word 2013. It is also called text to speech. I used Microsoft office word 2013 to convert my written text to speech (Voice). You need a headphone or speaker for listening to it.

Talking Software by Using Notepad: Make Speaking Software on PC

speak with notepad

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Now follow me…

You can easily make your PC ready to speak what you want to type in the notepad. This is a surprising trick to your all friends or colleague. By using this trick your computer is ready to repeat the words, whatever you type any kind of text.

If you don’t have a programming background, you can easily use this trick. This trick is running properly on all existing without any doubt. You can definitely impress with your all family members, friends or colleague. Let’s start this tutorial with some easy steps.

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Step 1: Press Windows Key+R to open the run dialog box, then type Notepad, then enter >>>> Now copy and paste or simple type following text the following code into it:

Dim Message, Speak

Message=InputBox(“Enter Text to Talk o”,”Speak”)

Set Speak=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

Speak.Speak Message

Step 2: Now, please save this file in notepad with the name vj.vbs at your desktop.

Step 3: Now, double-click on the vj.vbs type in the box. Your computer is ready what you want to hear from your computer.

It’s a really very nice and funny trick to which you can use to impress others with your own computer skills.

Note: Before running this script, disable your antivirus for few time, otherwise this file will be deleted by your antivirus software.

Thank you for reading…

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