How to remove advertisement from KMPlayer


Hello friends, Welcome to Mental Club. Today, I’ll show you how to remove advertisement from KMPlayer. The KMPlayer is free software. Maximum people love KMPlayer because it is very easy to use and it supports all types of video audio file formats. No special hardware is requires for KMPlayer. If you don’t use KMPlayer then you can download it from here ( using.  Remove the advertisement from KM Player and Get rid from boring advertisement of KMPlayer.

How to remove advertisement from KM Player

Yes, now get relief from boring advertisement of KM Player. Just follow me to delete or block advertisement of KM Player.


remove advertisement from kmplayer

Follow the steps below:

Every windows computer has a default internet explorer browser. You have to open internet explorer browser to block the advertisement of KMPlayer.

Step 1: Open “Internet Explorer” browser (Click start > Search “Internet Explorer” or Type “iexplorer” in the run dialogue box) and click on “Tools” menu then click on “Internet Option” and now click on “Security” Tab.

Step 2: Add this website “” by clicking on “Restricted Sites” and close internet explorer and reopen the “KMPlayer” – all the all the advertisement will be gone. Enjoy add free KM Player.

After removing advertisement

delete advertisement from kmplayer

Thank you...

Try this video (remove advertisement from KM Player)

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