How to take Pictures from the video?


Take Pictures From the Video: Hi friends, Today I’ll show you How to take Pictures from the video? In this article show you how to do that. Come first in the current period, the most popular and one-third of the screen is used in the video player, KM player.


KM Player:
If you have to install and use the KM player play a video from your computer that you want to take pictures of the place from which you can then actually see the picture, then press Ctrl + A on your keyboard has been automatically saved.This picture will save on your “My Documents“ folder.

QQ Player:
At the present time is also a very popular software is QQ Player.For take picture in this player press Alt+A.This picture will save on captions to your QQ folder of   My Documents.

Gom Player:

KM player, the queue at one time before the player to play the video was a popular player Gom Player To my knowledge, and many people are now using it.For take picture in this player press Ctrl+E.This picture will save on captions to your Gomfolder of   My Documents.

VLC Player:
It excelled in both video and audio, using more or less all the audio for video.For take picture in this player press Ctrl+Alt+S.This picture will save on my picture of   My Documents.


Media Player Classic:

If you want to capture the pictures from your default Media Player Classic then press Alt+I.

Watch and shoot the picture from this video:

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