Keyboard Shortcuts of KM Player


Hello friends, how are you? Today I will share about top 25 keyboard Shortcuts of KM Player. This Player is very essential of our life. If any time you have seen that your mouse is damage that time shortcut key is very important. If you don’t have KM Player then you can download KM Player from here.

Keyboard Shortcuts of KM Player

shortcut key of km player

Shortcuts of KM Player are below

Open File Ctrl+O
Open URL Ctrl+U
Open Folder Ctrl+F
Open File(s) for TV-Out Ctrl+J
Open URL Extracted from IE Ctrl+I
Open Recent File Ctrl+R
Reopen after changing settings Ctrl+P
Open WDM (TV) Device… Ctrl+M
Open WDM (TV) as Default Device… Ctrl+W
Open DVD Standard Device Ctrl+D
Open DVD File Ctrl+V
Open Video CD Ctrl+K
Playback info (on OSC) Tab
Playback Message Shft+Tab
Advanced Playback Info Ctrl+Tab
Advanced Filter Info Ctrl+’
Previous PgUp
Play Space
Stop Ctrl+Z
Next PgDn
Control Box Alt+G
 Playlist Alt+E
Mute M
Full screen 5
Exit Alt+F4


 So friends try the shortcut keys in your KM Player.

Thank You.

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