Summer is coming, then the cost of electricity will increase, how you will decrease them? There was 6 tips


Summer is coming. The fan will rotate, AC will run. And by jumping electric bill will increase. Family budget just will not keep right. So know before how to control electric bill of your house.

Do you know how we decrease the cost of electricity in this summer?


Worried about the increasing bill of electric?

There is nothing is possible without electric. Most of things is electric-based off using daily. So there were 6 steps, by following which, the cost of electric will decrease much more.

  1. Unnecessarily don’t use light or fan. Definitely off the switch and put off the light when you go from room after finishing the work. Specially, in many time lights of toilet is on without the need. Keep watching it. Don’t open so more time the door of the fridge.
  2. After finishing work don’t keep an active TV or sound system or computer. Off power of other electric gadgets if that work is finished. It may require more time to open and close again and again, but cost decreases more in that.
  3. Make service your AC machine before summer comes. Repairs the necessary thing. For a little bit problem electric cost gets more. Clear filter of AC daily. Here it takes more time to cool this room because of storing dust. For this, electric cost increases.
  4. In which room AC has, there are not many things to be commended. Keep watching whether the house is completely airtight. Before running the AC, to cool slightly close the doors and windows of the house. After running the AC, don’t open doors and windows. Not running the AC more time and after cooling the room give switch of the fan.
  5. Give outside air to enter into the room in the afternoon or in the evening. In which place of room sunlight comes more, don’t set AC that side of the room. As we need to run the fan more, that’s why decrease the cost of light.
  6. Use CFL or LID light, not general light. The cost of electricity is low in it. Almost the cost of electric will decrease 75%. Change that fan, which becomes old. It costs a little bit more, but it will reduce in monthly costs.

Thank you.