Some Tips on showing Beautiful Yourself in your Picture


This article is for those whose picture is not so well on camera. Most of the people like to capture their photos in the camera. So many people like to capture their photos in the camera. But, they become hopeless due to their bad photos. But, you don’t blame the camera. The problem is yours.


#1 Have your eyes closed into the camera? Then, just close your eyes. Now open your eyes during the time by clicking the button on the camera. You will watch that the eyes will come never close.

#2 Has you come the lower part of your face very heavy? The wrinkle of many people has come in front of the image. To resolve this you just bring your face in the front of the camera. Feeling a little tight at the bottom of the throat and mouth and the picture will not look too much at the bottom of the mouth.

#3 When photographing the faces of the extra smile? Is there a way to overcome this problem? Do not leave a space between two rows of teeth. Smiles talks cannot be seen as tongue.

The smile is normal and natural.


#4 Please, give an attention to the eyebrow.

Your picture will come beautiful just only based on your eyebrow. You must find out that in which style of eyebrow you like beautiful. Draw your eyebrow. As a result, it will come a beautiful cut on your face.

#5 An many time, the retina of your eye has come whitish. For solving this problem, you just look on the bright light.

As a result, the pupil of the eye shrinks and there is a no problem of whitish your eye.

beautiful girl

#6 You just watch the angle of your picture that in which angel your picture will come beautiful. If you follow these, then your picture will come very beautiful.

#7 You must watch the pose of your some good pictures or the pose of your face in some good pictures. As a result, all pictures of your will come very beautiful.

Thank you!

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