Best Online Photo Editor Review – Play With the All-in-one Graphic Tool FotoJet


FotoJet has three main parts: collage maker, photo designer and photo editor. Each one has its own characteristic, so you can make plenty of artworks with them. Let enjoy them one by one.

[Best Online  Photo Editor Review]

#Collage maker

It can help you make your photo collage quickly and easily. Collage maker provides you many templates, like a classic collage, creative collage, Misc and all kinds of photo cards. You can use them to make your beautiful collage or card within minutes.

  1. Enter collage maker
  2. Pick the template
  3. Upload your photos
  4. Drag photos to template boxes

Add text or clipart to pretty your collage, and change the background if you like


#Photo designer

There are more interesting things you can do in design mode. In design mode you can design all kinds of social media headers, such as YouTube Channel Art, Facebook Cover, Twitter Header and so on; you can also customize your own social media posts, like Facebook post, Instagram post and Pinterest graphic; at the same time you can make unique poster, flyer, invitation and card. Now, let me show you the details about how to customize flyer with FotoJet.


Click the Flyer, then you will see lots of templates you can use. Look through these, and pick the one you want to use, just a simple click you can add it to use. All the sample flyers are matched with suitable images and text, you can use them directly after make some slight adjustments.


If you don’t like the sample images, you can upload your images to replace them. There are three ways for you to do it. You can upload images from your computer or from your Facebook, also you can search image online to use.

fotojet editor

Now, you can replace the images. You can also add text and clipart. You are allowed to adjust their size, color, position. What’s more, you can add outline and glow to your text. You can add clipart just from FotoJet sample ones, or you can search clip arts from the Internet.


You can also change its background, use the sample image or upload your own image. Just move mouse to BKGround and click the one you want to upload image, this can be finish in seconds.

#Photo editor

The edit mode is a more powerful option, and it can make you more professional to edit your photo. You can make your common photo into a piece of art work quickly and easily.

Step one:

Upload your photo. You can upload it from computer and from Facebook, or you can just play with the sample picture.


Step two:

Use the functions belong to Edit option to edit your photo. First, you can use the Auto Enhance to beautify your photo, this is a very useful one, and you can finish it just by clicking the Auto Enhance button. The following one is enhanced by it.


Second, use the basic function to edit photos, such as crop, resize, rotate, exposure and color. You can also adjust them as you will, just give them a few clicks and drag are enough. Click Apply button to save your adjustments, or click Cancel to redo them.


Third, let’s use some advance function to edit photos. Here, you can use sharpen, focus, color splash and so on.


Step three:

Give your photo a beautiful effect. Move mouse to Effect, here are plenty of effects. Have a quick preview of them, and pick out the one you want to use most. Then click it, and give it slight adjustment is ok.


Step four:

Add text and clipart to the photo. Change the size and color of text, add outline and glow to it. as the following picture you, you can adjust the opacity of clipart to make it more suitable to your photo.


Step five:

Use the wonderful overlay to make your photo unique. These overlays can make your photo looks dreamful and splendid. Just click them out, and have a quick preview of them and decide which one to use. Then click the one you want to use, give some slight adjustments.


Step six:

Add a pretty frame to photo. Click the frame you want to use, and then you can adjust its thickness, border color and background color.


Now, the work is finished. If you like this, try FotoJet out, you can do more things like these.

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