25000+ HD Nature WallPapers in zip file (Mega Collection)


After a long day, I’ve come with the mega collection of 2500+ HD Nature WallPapers in zip file. All pictures are in HD formats and I uploaded it in the Zip format. Because you will be able to download all wallpapers in one click. No need to download the wallpapers one by one. I uploaded it in four parts.

Mega Collection of HD formatted WallPapers in ZIP file

All wallpapers support on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows. I’ll share the download links one by one.

Windows XP Collection nature wallpapers in ZIP

windows XP collection wallpapers

I collected all those wallpapers, a few years ago when I used Windows XP. Now Windows XP is gone, but I kept my favorite wallpapers in my collection.

Download XP Collections in ZIP format

Collection of Widows 7 Hidden Nature Wallpapers

nature wallpaper

After using Windows XP, I used Windows 7. And I downloaded many themes from Microsoft’s website for using on my Windows 7 PC. I collected awesome pictures/wallpapers among those themes. And all are nature wallpaper. You can also keep all these wallpapers in your collection. More than 300 wallpapers added in this package. Don’t late to download.

Download Windows 7 Collection nature wallpapers

Best collections of Windows 8 nature wallpapers


Currently I’m using Windows 8 operating system. Because I like this O/S very much. I like its awesome features. I think you also like Windows 8. Make more awesome your Windows 8 PC with this awesome HD formatted nature wallpaper. More than 150+ Wallpapers added in this zip file.

Download Windows 8 Nature wallpaper in zip file

Windows 8.1 Collection of Nature Wallpapers

real nature wallpapers

Download Windows 8.1 

I used Windows 8.1 for a few days, but I was not satisfied. I downgraded Windows 8.1 into Windows 8. When I used Windows 8.1 – I collected this package of nature wallpapers. All these wallpapers are the best wallpaper. You can download it. More than 200+ Wallpapers added in this zip package.

7000 + Nature HD Wallpapers Collection 1 [Zip File]

3000 + Nature HD Images Collection 2 [Zip FIle]

1200 + Animals Super HD Wallpapers Collection

300 + Cute Animals HD Wallpapers in a Zip File

Download 10000+ 3D Wallpapers in a ZIP file (HD Wallpapers)

Download Happy New Year 2020 HD Wallpapers

The zip file may be encrypted with a password. You may use the following





Thank you for downloading.

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