Some Important Tips for Search Engine Optimization


Hi friends, how are you? I am fine. I am a newcomer in THEMENTALCLUB. So friends, today I am discussing about the important tips about Search Engine Optimization. Some important tips for Search Engine Optimization are mentioned below.

  7 Important tips about On Page Optimization  

Search Engine Optimization

Today, I am discussing the tips related on Search Engine Optimization.  How an on-page SEO can bring a good position of your site in Google

Search Engine Optimization Tips 

1#     The use of Title Tag:

At first, we discuss about “Title tag”. After searching any topic on Google, Google displays some websites with your given keywords. That mean, the keyword which you write on Google search box, that particular keyword is using on the “Title tag” and heading of that particular website. So for on-page SEO, the keyword of your site always situates at the beginning of title tag and heading (h1) of your website.  

2#    The uses of SEO Friendly URL:

Now I am discussing about SEO Friendly URL.

Example: ht2tp://  (this is not a site of SEO Friendly URL). (it is a site of SEO Friendly URL).

So, guys, you apparently understand the difference between correct SEO Friendly URL and incorrect SEO Friendly URL.  The main thing of the SEO Friendly URL is that your selected keyword as always stays in the URL of your site.  

3#   The uses of Multimedia:

About multimedia, we want to mean that the use of pictures, videos in your site. By using of these, you can keep the attentions of your visitors in your site. 

4#  The uses of Keyword:

In your website or tune, you use your selected keywords within 100 words and also use in h1 and h2 tag in at least once at a time.  The keyword always writes separately to the tune of the other words. (Want to mean the uses of h1, h2 and strong tag).At least, Google understands that which keyword you use for this tune?

Search Engine Optimization

5#   The loading speed of the site: 

According to the latest update of Google, Google emphasises on the loading speed of the site. So, always notice that the homepage of your site as always loads faster. From the past experience, we see that if your web site loads more than 7 seconds then visitors do not want to enter in your site.

6#  The use of Social Networking Sites:

Share more information, then you can gain so many votes. It will increase the ranking of your site. So, must be noticed that the button of Google+, Apple, Facebook, Twitter etc such kinds of social networking sites as available on your site. 

7#  The publish of large article:

If you visit on any site in the first page of google  then you can see that the site uses 1500+ (more than 1500 words) words. If your tune is informative, then the ranking of your site will be very good. So, always try to do that the tune of your site is at least more than 1500 words.  

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