What are the LSI keywords? Why and how will you use LSI keywords?


Today I’m sharing with you, what are the LSI keywords, the uses of LSI keywords, how will you find out this LSI keywords. Let’s go back to the main discussion what are the LSI keywords?

What are the LSI keywords?

The full form of this LSI keywords is Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. I know those who are new, for them it is not easy to understand. Ok, now I will tell you it means, then it will be better to understand.

  • ‘L’ stands for Latent
  • ‘S’ stands for Semantic
  • ‘I’ stands for Indexing

So, to define clearly the meaning of LSI, it will be Latent and Semantic words of Search Engine. This is indexed Latent Words of a Search Engine. See this picture as an example.

LSI Keywords

The uses of LSI keywords:

I say that just one more little thing, who can use LSI Keywords. If you want, you can use any place of your writing. There are some questions in it, you can suggest that which places are used here. According to me…………

  • Title tag
  • Header tags
  • Permalinks
  • Anchor texts
  • Beginning paragraph
  • Ending paragraph

You can use LSI Keywords in all these places also.

Why will you use LSI keywords?

To save from keyword stuffing, to keep keyword density correct and also to save from Panda – you know “Panda” is a name of the Google Search Engine’s algorithm.

How will you find out this LSI keywords:

You can find out LSI keywords with these sites. I gave these names in below which I have used.

  1. LSI Graph.
  2. Keyword Tool.
  3. Google Keyword Planner Tool.
  4. Google Auto Complete.
  5. Google related search.

Now let’s go to see how you will find out LSI keywords with LSI graph. See the picture below, then you will find out your LSI keywords.

LSI Keywords Generator

I’m telling you that before I go, this article I shared with you just for fun. I’m hoping that please don’t forget to comment if you find any fault or confusion. It’s enough for today, share this article if you like and inform us definitely by comment if you have any questions.

Take care………………………………..

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